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Super Bomberman (SNES) artwork

Super Bomberman (SNES) review

"Even for an SNES game, Super Bomber has probably the best multiplayer ever "

Even for an SNES game, Super Bomber has probably the best multiplayer ever

The bomberman series has been a long and colorful one, always having a great multiplayer. While most people say Super Bomberman 2 was the best of them, my personnel favorite resides in the original Super Bomberman.

Graphics: 7/10
These graphics were pretty good when the game came out. While the sprites looked weird, nonetheless, they still looked good as did everything else. The levels were detailed, and it looked like a bomberman game.

Gameplay: 10/10
Super Bomberman has some of the greatest gameplay ever in a videogame. Its single player is very good. You can play through it as one or two bomberman. You go through 7 stages in each level then fight a boss. There's even a tournament in which you fight computer bombermen. It's very good, but if we were only comparing single player, I would agree that Super Bomberman 2 is better. The real joy of the game is in its multiplayer. The multiplayer is just awesome. You can have up to four players, human or computer, playing inside 12 greatly designed levels. You lay bombs around your area to try to kill the other bombermen. You can find icons and power-ups to help you kill them off such as a fire powerup to make your explosions bigger or a roller skate to make you run faster. You make think the gameplay is old, but when you play it, it is just so incredibly fun you realize why I gave it a 10. The sheer addictiveness of playing against your friends in these great levels and having all out wars is what gamers define as ''a gaming experience''. The game even comes with a four-way controller plug-in so people can play it with 4 controllers.

Levels: 9/10
The levels are excellent. There are about 12, and while the first half aren't really that good, at about level 6 they start to get really interesting. One level involves pipes you can put bombs in to kill your opponents. One involves a square which a huge amount of power-ups in the background, and one is even just a blank battle zone for you to fight in with every power-up already equipped. Because the levels are so cool, you can enjoy the addictiveness and sheer fun of the game.

Sound/Music: 9/10
The sounds and music in this game are all cool. The tunes get stuck in your head, but in the way the Tetris theme does, not the way the Teddy Bear Picknic does; in a good way. The sounds no longer seem like straight beeps and sound much more realistic than before. Even though there are only a few tunes, they are all very good and sound great.

Replay Value: 10/10
The game has the greatest multiplayer ever in a console game, it has to have alot of replay value. Besides the fact that you can spend hours and hours playing with your friends, you can even play by yourself against computers. The gameplay never seems to get old and is always as enjoyable as the first time you popped the cartridge in.

Overall: 9/10
Super Bomberman is an excellent game. It lacks some polish, but it has the greatest multiplayer ever and is one of the most addictive games ever. I am proud to say that I own this game. It is one of the greatest games ever made, and is worth every cent put worth to buying it. To anyone who can find this game I encourage you to buy it and enjoy it to its fullest.

Great multiplayer
Great replay value

nothing really

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