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The Castlevania Adventure

The Castlevania Adventure (XSX) game cover art
Platform: Game Boy
Tags: Action, Platformer
Developer: Konami
AKA: Dracula Densetsu (JP)

The Castlevania Adventure (Game Boy) imageThe Castlevania Adventure (Game Boy) screenshotThe Castlevania Adventure (Game Boy) screenshot

Staff Reviews

The Castlevania Adventure review

Reviewed December 10, 2003

Marc Golding says: "I thoroughly enjoy this terrific franchise, and I look forward to each release with newfound excitement. When I first saw screenshots for The Adventure, I fought an urge to immediately conclude that the game would be a winner. It looked good, its lack of colour notwithstanding. And certainly sound and gameplay quality was never a problem for Konami's 2-D, whip-toting heroes of Gothic tradition. Until now. "
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The Castlevania Adventure review

Reviewed December 11, 2008

Rob Hamilton says: "Virtually all of this level is you in a race against time while spikes descend upon you, chase you as you ascend a tower and follow after you while you sprint to the left. You'll be jumping across plummeting platforms and narrow blocks like crazy, whipping worms who stand in your path and doing whatever you can to stay ahead of the pursuing spikes. With a character that neither jumps nor moves well. After getting through all that, I was so mentally drained I wasn't even bothered by how pitifully weak the humanoid bat creature boss wound up being."
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Reader Reviews

The Castlevania Adventure review

Reviewed October 01, 2013

JoeTheDestroyer says: "Go home, Castlevania. You're drunk."
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The Castlevania Adventure review

Reviewed March 22, 2006

phediuk says: "In the early days of the Game Boy, it was common for companies to take a popular NES series was the hot item of the day and release a really crappy, watered-down Game Boy version of it. This syndrome unfortunately affected such prestigious series as Mario, Mega Man and Metroid. Hell, with the Kirby series, it happened in reverse. And in an even rarer exception, Zelda: Link's Awakening even managed to nearly match its console counterpart. "
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The Castlevania Adventure review

Review date unknown

ratking says: "Castlevania Adventure was a game that was released early on in the Gamboys life. It showed its earlier heritage, but it actually is better than I expected. It has many frequent problems, and yet I do love this game like I love the series. It has the same Castlevania feel, and I believe that it does rightly belong next to the great names like Dracula's Curse, and Symphony of the Night. To some, Castlevania Adventure was the worst game in the series, and to me, it is definitely close (I do hate Si..."
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The Castlevania Adventure review

Reviewed October 31, 2003

retro says: "We've all heard the saying, ''Don't get your hopes up,'' more times than we care to remember. After the success of the Castlevania series on the NES, fans couldn't help but to get their hopes up higher than stratus clouds in a winter sky. I was one of these people. While I wasn't a big fan of Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, I never could get enough of the original, and that's what this one seemed like according to the back of its box. "
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The Castlevania Adventure review

Reviewed October 04, 2020

vgc2000 says: "Christopher must have been cursed by Dracula to have the stamina of an 80 year old man."
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