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Bugs Bunny in Crazy Castle 4 (Game Boy Color) artwork

Bugs Bunny in Crazy Castle 4 (Game Boy Color) review

"But really, on the parts of the buyer and the developer, what's the point? "

It seems that all of the videogame products I buy these days come lumped with some Kemco WB game. Crazy castle 4 came free with my Wario Land 3, and what an oddity it is. Not the good kind of oddity that Treasure treats us with, but more a 'why did they bother' one. It is even further bewildering when you take into consideration that this is crazy castle FOUR. I can't imagine the gameplay is much changed at all from the first three, only the graphics (the brain-numbing gameplay will be explained in a moment). So the question to ask is why would people want to play through three games of this, let alone create enough demand for a fourth?

But enough about the meaning of life, let's explain how it works. Not very well unfortunately. It is a platform puzzler with about 100 levels. Basically, you have to climb around the levels and enter doors in each level. Each door (a few exceptions aside) contains a key, you must have eight keys to unlock the end of level door.

There is a plot to this: Bugs looks upon a map, sees a castle called 'crazy castle' and assumes it's called 'carrot castle'. So off he runs to 'crazy castle'. Bugs must be a pretty mentally deficient guy (Especially if he's made the same dumbass mistake three times previously).

But there are plenty of obstacles and problems that drag this out. For one, you can't jump. Not being able to jump in a platform game is one of my pet hates, but I guess it's supposed to add to the puzzle element of the game. After a while you should be able to deal with the not jumping, there is another way. Mushrooms are placed around the floor and on lower platforms. If you walk off a ledge and land on a mushroom below, you will be propelled up to the highest platforms. Other things to watch out for are enemies. Some of them (most of which I couldn't identify) will just walk from side to side, others (more famous, but still B-list stars, like Elmer Fudd) will track you when you are on their platform. And finally (and most irritatingly) the A-list stars (Daffy Duck) will chase you around the whole level until you are cornered, and they are as fast as you. The worst thing is that you've got no immediate weapon or attack. You can only find two weapons, both can be found inside some of the doors. But there are usually only two shots a level, and that isn't enough.

The game isn't utterly unplayable though. It has fairly decent level design, and completing your first few levels is quite satisfying. But it certainly isn't riveting, and it's depressingly mind-numbing. And considering that this is a WB game, is has no character or life to it at all! So Kemco lulls you into a false sense of security by presenting what seems to be an above average title, and then adds NO variety. All of the levels hold EXACTLY the same challenge. the only differences are the change of backgrounds and the increase in frustration. And after ten levels, you'll be crying. The best way to sum up the game as a whole is an initially perfectly playable first level, repeated 99 times. Does that sound appealing to you? It must do to some people to spawn three sequels.

The Graphics in the game are a bit dark but above average none the less. A lot better than some of the cartoon tie-ins I've seen bashed together recently. The characters are all midgets, but still fairly authentically animated. Don't even ask me to try and recall the sound, although I seem to remember preferring it was turned down. I also remember some of the nastiest Sound effects I've ever heard.

As I mentioned earlier, the game has 100 levels, and they get harder towards the end. So if you're insane enough to play the same level 100 times, then this will last you a while. But really, on the parts of the buyer and the developers, what's the point?

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