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Arkanoid (NES) artwork

Arkanoid (NES) review

"Arkanoid is the remake of the classic break-out. It's pretty much the same thing only with enhanced graphics. "

Arkanoid is the remake of the classic break-out. It's pretty much the same thing only with enhanced graphics.

Graphics: 6/10
Uhh...yeah. You got the ball. You got the paddle. You got the blocks. You got the aliens. This doesn't seem very intricate. Oh well....

Sound/Music: 4/10
There's about 5 beeps or so. I couldn't find any music whatsoever in the game, so naturally this won't get very high. However, this was one of the first NES games period.

Control: 7/10
Here is why I think the control gets a 7. It meets the needs for the game. It does what it needs to so you can enjoy the game. Yes, it's not a very complex control. It's a fairly simple control, but it allows you to have fun with the game. On the Atari and early NES, A left, right, and 1 button could run a game just fine.

Gameplay: 8/10
This doesn't get that high a score because even for the NES it was an old gameplay. However, it was still quite fun. It evolved from it's previous ancestors. Pong created games. Breakout evolved from Pong. And Arkanoid evolved from Breakout. You bounce the ball against blocks with your paddle. Not very complex, huh? Few people recognize its greatness for its time, though. To hit certain blocks you must hit the ball at just the right point on the paddle. This becomes quite difficult, but it helps your hand to eye coordination.

Replay Value: 4/10
I can't really think of a reason to play this again once you have beaten it the first time. Possibly you might play the first few levels again to remember what it was like when this was all there was, or just to see if it is still as fun as it used to be. Otherwise, beat it once, move on with life (or at least to the 16-bit era).

Overall: 6/10
I wouldn't really call this a revolutionary game. It has its flaws. But, this is sort of a veteran game because it was there when the games were games like Pong, Missile Command, and Pac-Man. It's not that great if you're comparing it to anything beyond the 8 bit games, and even to them it's kind of shaky, but if Arkanoid were not there, then others would not exist, so be happy it was made.

Fun gameplay

No music
Outdated graphics

To Buy or Not To Buy: It depends really on if you would buy the original Tetris or not.

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