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Streets of Rage 2

Streets of Rage 2 (XSX) game cover art
Platform: Genesis
Tags: Fighting, Brawler
Developer: SEGA
More Platforms: Game Gear, Sega Master System, Xbox 360
AKA: Streets of Rage II (EU), Bare Knuckle II: Shitou no Chinkon Uta (JP)

Streets of Rage 2 (Genesis) imageStreets of Rage 2 (Genesis) screenshotStreets of Rage 2 (Genesis) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Streets of Rage 2 review

Reviewed June 07, 2005

K T says: "Streets of Rage 2 is, apparently, one of the most beloved Sega Genesis titles ever created Ė rarely have I found so much near-unanimous gushing praise for a side-scrolling beat-Ďem-up. Iíve read more than once that this is the best brawler of its generation. The problem: I donít see it. "
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Streets of Rage 2 review

Reviewed September 29, 2006

Rob Hamilton says: "And make no mistake ó losing the services of Adam was such a crushing blow to comrades Axel and Blaze that they needed to enlist TWO other vigilante crime fighters in an attempt to replace him. Skate is a skateboarder who Iíve never used or even considered using. Just look at the little pipsqueak and youíll understand. Max is a big, powerful guy who suffers from being the slowest-moving human being in the world. Sure, he can wade through Mr. Xís foot soldiers with ease, littering the city streets with broken bodies and shattered dreams, but put him against nimble, agile foes and things get ugly."
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Streets of Rage 2 review

Review date unknown

Zigfried says: "Mr. X would never hide Adam somewhere normal! You've got to truly search high and low to find your missing buddy. THAT is why you discover that the baseball diamond is a massive hidden elevator leading to an underground hideout! It's there because Mr. X is just that damn clever, it has nothing to do with the game designers smoking too much crack!"
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Reader Reviews

Streets of Rage 2 review

Reviewed August 31, 2003

psychopenguin says: "There has not exactly been a lack of beat-em-up side scroller games released over the years. Despite the dwindling popularity of the classic genre, the SNES and Genesis had a ton of great ones to choose from. One of the better known (and highly rated) ones was a Genesis game called Streets of Rage 2. Almost everyone I talk to makes it seem like an extraordinarily fun beat-em-up game with tons of innovative features. "
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Streets of Rage 2 review

Reviewed October 31, 2003

retro says: "STORY: Only a year has passed since the trio of Adam, Axel, and Blaze overthrew the evil syndicate, Mr. X, making the city's deadly streets peaceful. The fighter who seems like the perennial favorite from the first outing, Adam, has been kidnapped! Mr. X is like a relentless terrorist; he never gives up. As tough as his forces were in the original, they're even tougher now with more pesky enemies that must be dealt with along the winding road to Mr. X's hideout. "
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Streets of Rage 2 review

Reviewed March 06, 2004

tomclark says: "Y'all must have heard of this game. For me it is the definitive MegaDrive title, and one of the greatest games ever. However, for the two people out there who have never heard of it, I'll explain why I have come to this view. "
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