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Wall Street Kid

Wall Street Kid (XSX) game cover art
Platform: NES
Tags: Simulation, Tycoon
Developer: Sofel


Wall Street Kid (NES) screenshotWall Street Kid (NES) screenshotWall Street Kid (NES) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Wall Street Kid review

Reviewed May 09, 2011

Jason Venter says: "The polished interface makes it easy to keep your attention where it should be: on deadlines. Those deadlines do a remarkably good job of building tension because you know that if you make too many mistakes, you’ll lose everything. Stocks go up in value or drop sharply, so complacency works against you. There’s a certain element of surprise, as well. You might get a hot stock tip and dump everything to invest in a new stock, only to see the next day that the stock you previously owned enjoyed a tremendous increase just after you ditched it. When you’re trying to drive up the value of your portfolio in time to buy a new car (or else face a ‘Game Over’ screen), losses and missed opportunities really hit home."
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Reader Reviews

Wall Street Kid review

Reviewed April 25, 2004

kingbroccoli says: "Wall Street Kid is an intriguing little NES game that puts you in the shoes of one Mr. Benedict, a blonde haired, 20 something, hot-shot with a dazzling smile. It turns out that this Mr. Benedict had some kind of male relative, who also had the name Mr. Benedict, and an obscenely large collection of money. This relative has unfortunately passed away as the lawyer tells our hero (whos dazzling smile doesn't even flinch at the upsetting news) and he stands to collect $600 Billion dollars, of cours..."
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