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Doom (XSX) game cover art

Doom (Game Boy Advance) screenshotDoom (Game Boy Advance) screenshotDoom (Game Boy Advance) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Doom review

Reviewed November 06, 2005

Gary Hartley says: "More secret doors have slide upon, but this time they have done so on floor levels. From one of these doors comes a swarm of Lost Souls, pesky flying skulls that swoop towards you with unpure intentions. From the other comes a stampede of Bull Demons, physically dominating beasts that see you as nothing more than snack sized. These new threats surge towards you with impossible speed, biting and tearing chunks out of your life. It's then you start to realise that you probably won't make it out alive."
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Doom review

Review date unknown

James Gordon says: "Probably the first aspect of this game you'll notice are the graphics. You'd also probably be wondering about them the most--Are they as good as the PC version? Are they up to the standard? And, sad as it may be, the answer is no. Let's face it--Having those kind of graphics on a handheld game would seem impossible, and really..."
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Reader Reviews

Doom review

Reviewed August 05, 2007

iamtheprodigy says: "It's a future day. As a Marine for Union Aerospace Corporation, or UAC, you're no pushover. You walk with purpose wherever you go, flexing as many muscles as possible. On the job one day, you hear a rumor that the Mars moonbase is having problems. This is somewhat surprising, as ever since its establishment, it had been surprisingly well-kept with few if any issues. As you hear more of the story, you realize that this is serious. Marines and scientists at the base are being slaughtered by hellis..."
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