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Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. (XSX) game cover art
Platform: NES
Tags: Action, Platformer
Developer: Nintendo
More Platforms: Famicom Disk System


Super Mario Bros. (NES) imageSuper Mario Bros. (NES) screenshotSuper Mario Bros. (NES) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Super Mario Bros. review

Reviewed December 17, 2003

Marc Golding says: "Super Mario Brothers is instantly memorable, and over time, its appeal only grows. It isnít as goofy as its oddball sequel, nor is it as wondrous as the magical third game in the series to appear for the system. But it has a wholly old school personality that will please gamers who can find enjoyment in simplicity. If this isnít you, stay away from this game; you'll likely faint at the madness of boss area loops and palette swapped environs. "
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Reader Reviews

Super Mario Bros. review

Reviewed August 10, 2013

Fiddlesticks says: "Mario will linger."
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Super Mario Bros. review

Reviewed August 13, 2006

ghostyghost says: "The year is 1985, the Nintendo Entertainment System has just launched on North American Shores, and with it Mario becomes the most popular videogame hero. When the game first came out I wasnít born yet, so I didnít get to experience the adventure until 1995. Thankfully, it was worth the wait Super Mario Brothers is one of the best games ever made. "
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Super Mario Bros. review

Reviewed April 08, 2005

goldenvortex says: "Super Mario Bros laid the path for platform genre; you could play any platform game that was released after it and pick out the features that SMB defined. The collecting of one hundred objects to gain an extra life, jumping on the heads of enemies and powering your character up were all taken from this NES classic. It wasnít Marioís first appearance in the gaming world. He had hit fame with two other arcade oldies known as Donkey Kong and Mario Bros. It was only at the release of Super Mario ..."
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Super Mario Bros. review

Reviewed March 30, 2011

japanaman says: "Youíll find that every plat-former made since then has copied the formula of Super Mario Bros. to some extent. Characters collect items, find new ways to defeat enemies, and explore ďlevelsí of unique environments."
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Super Mario Bros. review

Reviewed September 21, 2011

JoeTheDestroyer says: "I found that even though the years have passed that I still hold a spot in my heart for the first Super Mario Bros. It showed me where games had come from and where they were going, and the vision it projected was enticing."
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Super Mario Bros. review

Reviewed August 07, 2005

mariner says: "According to those boring writing classes I had to take way back when, all essays should start with some introduction, some hook to get the reader interested. And yet, what can I say? You've heard it all already: 14 or so variations of the game that started Nintendo's dominance, a dozen or so appeals to nostalgia, 8 different methods of calling the game groundbreaking or revolutionary, 6 or so history lessons about the video game crash, and even one or two jokers comparing Mario to a certain d..."
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Super Mario Bros. review

Reviewed July 14, 2002

ratking says: "Super Mario Bros was one of the most influential games in the history of videogame history. It was the revolution with a simple plumber named Mario who wanted to jump on Goombas and save a princess. Now this is oldschool, and I mean oldschool. There is truly no story, just gameplay. That was when people minds were simple and did not need a reason to save a princess, just throw in a game and play for the good fun of it. However somehow with all the fancy technology and games where graphics and st..."
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Super Mario Bros. review

Reviewed October 31, 2003

retro says: "Don't you want to go back to your childhood? You didn't have a care or worry in the world, apart from school and the dreaded homework. For over ten years, you swore you couldn't wait until you were finished with school, because you hated it. But then you finally graduated and had to go to college or work. Responsibility showed its ugly face and left you no choice but to work your ass off just to earn pieces of paper that we call 'money'. Eventually, you can't help but to reminisce and long to go..."
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Super Mario Bros. review

Reviewed January 07, 2014

Retroman says: "Back when the video game industry was in ruins, a plumber would rise from the rubble and restore it better than before. There are few games in this world that has left an impact on the video game industry and redefined the standards of quality that is expected in video games. Super Mario Bros is the sequel to the popular Mario Bros created by Shigeru Miyamoto in Japan and was released to the U.S. in 1985 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is a 2D sidescrolling action platformer that has s..."
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Super Mario Bros. review

Review date unknown

sgreenwell says: "Super Mario Brothers is a game centering around the drug paraphanial of the early 1960's counter cult- Errr, wait, I'm mistaking it with Woodstock. "
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