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Super C

Super C (XSX) game cover art
Platform: NES
Tags: Shooter, Run 'n Gun
Developer: Konami
More Platforms: Xbox 360
AKA: Probotector 2: Return of the Evil Forces (EU), Super Contra (JP)

Super C (NES) screenshotSuper C (NES) screenshotSuper C (NES) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Super C review

Reviewed July 12, 2006

Rob Hamilton says: "Winged soldiers come out of holes in the wall and glide to their level while mounted cannons provide a lethal distraction. And being distracted WILL lead to being dead on this level, as missing a jump and falling off the screen is as fatal as taking a round in the throat. As Scorpion and Mad Dog get closer to the top, an elevator catches up to them, forcing them to advance past these (and more) foes at a steady pace. "
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Reader Reviews

Super C review

Reviewed May 14, 2004

denouement says: "The Nicaraguan Contras were among the most brutal terrorists the United States has ever funded, visiting heinous carnage on helpless civilians in their crusade against the leftist Sandinista government. But don’t make the mistake of associating “contra” with terrorism -- all the word refers to is opposition. So it’s unsurprising Konami chose the word for their Contra series -- games famed from the first moment for outrageous difficulty, for endless waves of powerful enemies, for tough bos..."
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Super C review

Review date unknown

royalranger says: "Super C, short for Super Contra, was Konami's sequel to their great NES masterpiece, Contra. While this game stepped up graphically from Contra, unfortunately, it did dip just a little bit in design, but that's not too bad, since the game is still very good anyway. Heck, I bet Siskel and Ebert gave it two thumbs up! Errrr... that is if Siskel were still alive... and if they actually rated games. Whatever.... "
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Super C review

Reviewed May 14, 2004

sinner says: "In an age when gaming is grappling against its own impending emasculation, the few, stoic Splinter Cells and Dead to Rightses will only stand for so long. For these brave soldiers of a hopeless war will only be able to support this faltering fortress until their backs have broken. And when the flamboyant Final Fantasies and eccentric Pokemons have finally stolen the breath of these last survivors, the men of our hobby will look back to a better time. "
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Super C review

Reviewed May 11, 2004

snowdragon says: "If 30-foot-tall extraterrestrials with poorly concealed intestinal tracts and fangs as sharp as Lee press-on nails ever decide to take over the Earth, I pray to God we have two souls as brave as Mad Dog and Scorpion (Blue Pants and Red Pants to the layperson) to take them on. Landing by helicopter in the middle of a smoldering city that's been destroyed by either aliens or a day of baking cookies gone horribly awry, Mad Dog and Scorpion require no briefing from the president, who may very well h..."
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