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Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross (XSX) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation
Tags: RPG
Developer: Square


Staff Reviews

Chrono Cross review

Reviewed January 30, 2006

Gary Hartley says: "I do not care for this game."
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Chrono Cross review

Review date unknown

James Gordon says: "Depending on what choices you make, you'll meet different characters, and complete different sub-quests. With multiple endings and paths you can take, this game has tons of replay value."
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Chrono Cross review

Reviewed November 13, 2005

Jason Venter says: "The reason is simple: every place you visit in Chrono Cross feels right. When you leave your home village to gather some shells and make your sexy girlfriend a necklace, lizards scramble across mounds of pale sand while peaceful waves lap at the distant shore. When you sneak into a mansion at night, the moonlight bathes the lush foliage in its pale glow. Ghost ships emerge from foggy mists."
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Chrono Cross review

Reviewed March 03, 2012

Rob Hamilton says: "However, like I said, those incremental post-boss bonuses do add up over time. It benefits a player to pick a couple sidekicks they really like to keep with them as much as possible. Sorry, Kid, you might be a major player in the plot, but with all the story elements conspiring to keep you out of active duty for extended periods of time, I only used you if the game forced me to."
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Reader Reviews

Chrono Cross review

Reviewed January 21, 2004

djskittles says: "Chrono Trigger is one of the most highly regarded RPGs ever released. It’s not because the storyline is original. In fact, the storyline is awfully clichéd. Squaresoft uses all the clichés (a noble warrior, a silent protagonist and a feisty princess) to forge something of a parody of the RPG genre. The parody was a subtle one, but the graphics, music and gameplay all mixed splendidly to create a humorous and unforgettable adventure. All of the fans expected the sequel to be one of Go..."
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Chrono Cross review

Reviewed February 11, 2006

Halon says: "Although Chrono Trigger is commonly regarded as one of the best RPGs of all time, half of the game’s fans have never even bothered with its sequel, Chrono Cross. Nerds all over the Internet whine about how much it “sucks” and even go as far as making up lies; from claiming that it is not at all related to Trigger and the plot is meaningless. "
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Chrono Cross review

Reviewed November 24, 2018

hastypixels says: "...a fine example of how to push a console to its technical limits and players to their emotional ones."
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Chrono Cross review

Reviewed May 29, 2003

psychopenguin says: "A wise man once said, ''Thus you’re epic journey into the realms begin, tis a journey only the brave should take.. '' "
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Chrono Cross review

Reviewed July 01, 2009

Pyro says: "Once upon a time, a goblin appeared in my home and told me if I did not unlock all of Chrono Cross' numerous endings via hours and hours of awful gameplay, he would infect me with AIDS. I suffered neither fate. Because goblins do not exist. "
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Chrono Cross review

Reviewed August 26, 2002

rxfang6 says: "Chrono Cross is the sequel to Chrono Trigger of SNES fame. Chrono Trigger followed the story of Crono and friends as they ventured through time in search of a way to prevent a parasitic life form known as Lavos from destroying the world in 1999. As the journey almost comes to a close, in the final showdown with Lavos's true and final form, shocking realizations occur about their existence and fate to their planet's well-being. "
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Chrono Cross review

Reviewed October 07, 2005

viridian_moon says: "Chrono Cross is a terrible game. "
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Chrono Cross review

Reviewed November 27, 2004

yamishuryou says: "From conceivance to deadline, there was only one possibility for Chrono Cross, and that was complete and utter failure. The growing giant Squaresoft realized this and, loathe to tarnish their growing reputation as a divine RPG developer, decided to make Chrono Cross an indirect sequel to the highly fabled Chrono Trigger, granting Chrono Cross commercial success. Unfortunately, its degree of caliber was much lower. Trying to cash in on the growing userbase of graphic w..."
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