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Metroid (XSX) game cover art
Platform: NES
Tags: Action, Sci-Fi
Developer: Nintendo
More Platforms: Famicom Disk System


Metroid (NES) screenshotMetroid (NES) screenshotMetroid (NES) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Metroid review

Reviewed November 09, 2005

Rob Hamilton says: "In Zelda, this was no big deal, as youíd simply stroll to the nearest fairy pond and get a free recharge. Here, you have to find a room with a plentiful number of weak foes and regain your strength in increments of five points (20, if youíre lucky). Once again, itís not a pretty scene."
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Reader Reviews

Metroid review feedback bubble

Reviewed February 25, 2019

CptRetroBlue says: "On Planet Zebes, No One Can Hear You Scream"
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Metroid review

Reviewed December 09, 2011

dagoss says: "To think that 70% of this game, so familiar to so many players, occupies exactly 0 bytes of data. The glimpses I see of Real Zebes break a spell indeed... It is one thing to understand how a game works, but it is another entirely to see how it work. "
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Metroid review

Reviewed May 03, 2008

Halon says: "Although I have played many worse games, none have filled me with as much anger as Metroid. The idea of fighting in an alien world while finding hidden items and secrets is a great one that has influenced countless classics, but Metroid is certainly not one of them. Its world sucks you in and keeps you playing, no matter how bad it might get. You just cannot put it down, making it one of the most torturous gaming experiences available. "
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Metroid review

Reviewed November 07, 2004

mariner says: "You're looking at the original in a series that is extremely well praised, for obvious reasons. I gradually found myself falling in love with Super Metroid, one of the most pristine 2-D games known to man, and very quickly fell in love with Prime years later. And, for some strange reason, I had fond memories of playing the original as a kid. Between those fond memories and the near perfection of those latter two games, I figured this would surely hold an honorable place in the NES library, stand..."
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Metroid review

Reviewed March 22, 2005

psychopenguin says: "Released in 1986, Metroid chronicles the adventure of a young bounty hunter named Samus Aran, whose mission is simple: to exterminate the remaining Metroids and bring peace to the galaxy. It's a pretty original storyline for its day, and it blends in well with the space-like atmosphere of the game. The storyline was even used as the focal point of later efforts, so more points to it there for actually starting a continual storyline. "
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Metroid review

Reviewed August 01, 2002

ratking says: "Metroid has rather rapidly become a videogame legacy. However before the truth came out that Samus Aran's and before the famous sequel, led by Super Metroid, there was the original Metroid for the NES. This game is what spurred on the series, and in truth I really don't know how. I got this game early on in my NES's life in a bundle of about 10 games. At first this game was fun, but then the difficulty set in. You have to search every little corridor a million times, just to try and figure out w..."
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Metroid review

Review date unknown

royalranger says: "Metroid, often considered one of the great classics of video gaming, is a game that I really did not like very much. Now, please, before you go whacking me with that baseball bat there, I only ask that you at least hear me out on this! Giving Metroid a low score isn't some deliberate way of trying to ruffle a few feathers or draw attention to myself, but I really do have valid concerns judging my dislike of this game. "
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