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Mega Man 2

Mega Man 2 (XSX) game cover art
Platform: NES
Tags: Action, Platformer
Developer: Capcom
More Platforms: Game Boy, PlayStation
AKA: RockMan 2: Dr. Wily no Nazo (JP)

Mega Man 2 (NES) imageMega Man 2 (NES) imageMega Man 2 (NES) image

Staff Reviews

Mega Man 2 review

Review date unknown

Jason Venter says: "Is this knowledge necessary to complete the game? For the most part, no. It's just good fun. Little tricks like that do quite a bit to add to the experience. More importantly, they present a player with new ways to play. Even if you've gone through the game once using one strategy, it's always fun to try again by defeating the robots in a different order."
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Reader Reviews

Mega Man 2 review

Reviewed July 08, 2004

gbness says: "By far the most popular game in the original Mega Man series, this is probably the most beloved of them all. Many deem it to have the best gameplay, greatest music, etc. I am one of those who disagree with that. Mega Man 2 is probably one of the better games in the series, although it's definitely not the best there is. "
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Mega Man 2 review

Reviewed January 16, 2004

icehawk says: "Mega Man 2 filled me with so much hope as I first put it in to my NES. After hating the original Mega Man, Mega Man 2 just seemed like a huge change for the better. There was actually a story in the game this time (although it's pretty crappy), there were difficulty levels to choose from, and there were three more stages. ''Looks like Capcom turned their act around!'' I said aloud to my imaginary friends. Then came actually playing the game. Besides the addition of a couple ..."
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Mega Man 2 review

Reviewed February 22, 2013

JoeTheDestroyer says: "Yes, I've managed to write a Mega Man review without using "blue bomber" in the main body. You're welcome."
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Mega Man 2 review

Reviewed January 29, 2004

overdrive says: "One of the most bizarre attributes of most series of video games in which each game is connected is that your hero apparently lacks the ability to retain the special attacks he learns in early quests to apply to future endeavors. "
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Mega Man 2 review

Reviewed March 22, 2005

psychopenguin says: "''Best Mega Man game ever.'' "
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Mega Man 2 review

Reviewed January 18, 2004

retro says: "Did you ever have any friends when you were a kid, like in elementary school, that you were best friends in the world with? It seemed like nothing could tear you apart. But one day down the road in high school, you two eventually became nothing more than just another face in the crowd to each other with seemingly no regard whatsoever as to the great times you've had in the past. You see a former friend you haven't seen in a few years in the hallway and part of you wants to walk up to them and sa..."
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Mega Man 2 review

Review date unknown

sgreenwell says: "Mega Man 2 wasn't the start of the (some would call great) Mega Man series, however, it did improve slightly upon the original. It offers a new cast of characters, but still keeps the traditional elements that made the original so popular."
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Mega Man 2 review

Reviewed November 17, 2007

wayne_steed says: "These days, when I think of the name “Mega Man,” the image that regularly comes to mind is a factory churning out countless piles of sequels. In this odd-but-true fantasy, boxes teeming with Mega Man Battle Network games are loaded onto trucks and driven out to all the EBs and GameStops of the world, every minute of every day of every year, ever. Such a fantasy is a rather exaggerated but bluntly true reminder of the fact that we have too darn many Mega Man games on the market today, a lot of wh..."
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Mega Man 2 review

Reviewed July 23, 2012

zippdementia says: "Mega Man 2 deserves all of the praise that it receives for controlling well and for amazing presentation. What I think goes overlooked in this praise is that it makes a lot of the same mistakes that caused people to shy away from its predecessor in latter years."
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