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Demon's Souls

Demon's Souls (XSX) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation 3
Tags: RPG, Action, Fantasy
Developer: From Software
More Platforms: PlayStation 5


Demon's Souls (PlayStation 3) imageDemon's Souls (PlayStation 3) imageDemon's Souls (PlayStation 3) image

Staff Reviews

Demon's Souls review

Reviewed October 05, 2009

Jason Venter says: "Some other challenging RPGs are enjoyable, sure, but they're a different sort of affair. They're tough because you haven't prepared yourself sufficiently or because there's an unavoidable attack that will always drain away most of your life. In stark contrast, Demon's Souls is tough because everything is completely fair, because every disaster is technically avoidable and because every enemy can kick your ass if you let your mind wander."
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Reader Reviews

Demon's Souls review

Reviewed November 14, 2009

disco says: "The castle reeks of death. The path leading up to the main gate is littered with corpses. Maggoty, stinking bags of flesh left to rot where they fell. The horses, too. Their bodies were ripped open, with their loads and carts broken on the cobblestone. The crows are already at their flesh; pickings in Boletaria have been very good lately. The inside of the castle is worse. That gaping entrance leads into a seemingly endless black abyss, as if it were the mouth of some otherworldly beast. ..."
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Demon's Souls review

Reviewed May 15, 2009

fleinn says: "The Kingdom of Boletaria was once a prosperous and advanced society, founded as it was on "soul magic" - or the art of drawing on souls to cast powerful spells. But the lords of the realm grew decadent, and without the discipline and restraint needed, awakened a mythical beast, "the Old one", reducing Boletaria to rubble, and leaving a host of demons to feast on the souls of the remaining population. "
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Demon's Souls review

Reviewed February 25, 2010

guts says: "Rumors of Demon's Souls difficulty have been greatly exaggerated. "
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Demon's Souls review

Reviewed November 01, 2009

jiggs says: "What would happen if Godzilla and the Alien from Ridley Scott's movie had gone to hell to merge together, then came back as a hideous demon with a lean eight-pack(yes I said eight since it's not human..) and a mean punch that Captain Falcon would be proud of? Why you would get the towering monstrosity known as the Dragon God! Its roars are deafening even from far away. Your heart is beating fast. Its rage is seething uncontrollably that it never stops moving. Yet all you can do is wonder ..."
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Demon's Souls review

Reviewed May 15, 2015

JoeTheDestroyer says: "By demons be driven"
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Demon's Souls review

Reviewed February 13, 2010

Suskie says: "Itís not like Demonís Souls does anything new, or tells an interesting story, or even looks especially pretty. No, in the small amount of time itís spent on store shelves, the game has amassed a cult following simply for being very, very difficult, and there is no denying that it earns every iota of its reputation. Now, I wonít waste your time detailing what a frustrating game can do to even the most hardened player (Iím sure youíve all got stories), but you know when it feels like youíre..."
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Demon's Souls servers to stay online after all

May 25, 2012 - 0 comments
A few months ago, Atlus announced plans to shut down the North American servers for Demon's Souls at the end of May. As the date approaches, Atlus has announced that they won't be pulling the plug after all, and servers will stay alive for the "foreseeable future." full article

Demon's Souls celebrates holiday season with Pure White World Tendency

December 16, 2011 - 3 comments
Many gamers are still probably wasting away in this year's Dark Souls, but Atlus is hoping folks haven't forgotten about the torturous RPG's predecessor, the PlayStation 3-exclusive Demon's Souls. The publisher today announced the original Souls game is getting a... full article

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