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inFAMOUS (XSX) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation 3
Tags: Action, Contemporary
Developer: Sucker Punch


inFAMOUS (PlayStation 3) imageinFAMOUS (PlayStation 3) imageinFAMOUS (PlayStation 3) image

Staff Reviews

inFAMOUS review

Reviewed September 16, 2022

Rob Hamilton says: "As a true hero, whenever I took out a bunch of people by wildly firing my bolts, I healed anyone who survived!"
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Reader Reviews

inFAMOUS review

Reviewed November 16, 2009

CptnMayhem says: "I was always a fan of the Ultimate Spiderman game. Even after I finished it, I would start it up simply for the purpose of jumping off high buildings and web-slinging away at the last minute. It was pure, unadulterated fun. I could not wait, then, when I heard of inFamous. Having invested roughly thirty hours in the game, I can say those comparisons are warranted in some respects and not so much in others. "
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inFAMOUS review

Reviewed May 31, 2009

disco says: "It all started with a bang. Or rather, it ended with one. Half of Empire City, gone in a fiery apocalypse. Buildings, roads, people, everything. The bomb left almost nothing behind, not even the bodies of its victims. Just the sickening stench of smoke and burned flesh. They were the lucky ones, though; they got to die quickly. The survivors were in for something much, much worse. Riots, chaos, rape, murder, the complete and utter breakdown of society as we know it. It’s been two weeks in..."
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inFAMOUS review

Reviewed May 14, 2011

fleinn says: "McGrath comes from humble beginnings, he's nothing special, he doesn't think much of politics or Empire City. Cole has no secret wish for saving the world, or any dramatically suppressed demons. Nor strange personality quirks that beg to be exploited for super-powers, etc. He simply cares about his friends, and live a reasonably normal life like everyone else. Until one of the packages Cole is delivering literally blows up in his hands, which is where the game starts. "
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inFAMOUS review

Reviewed January 03, 2010

Suskie says: "I believe rather strongly that moral choices are one of gaming’s most frequently abused clichés, and Infamous is one of the most prominent offenders. There’s the fact that our protagonist, Cole McGrath, is a standalone character who by and large doesn’t represent the player, resulting in a narrative that awkwardly tries to combine role-playing with third-person storytelling. There are the flow-breaking asides in which Cole mentally examines his choices, and there’s the fact that his two o..."
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inFAMOUS review

Reviewed August 18, 2009

True says: "There is a darkness in every man. He can ignore it, he can embrace it. He can struggle all his life against it but the darkness is always there…waiting. "
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