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MadWorld (XSX) game cover art
Platform: Wii
Tags: Fighting, Brawler
Developer: PlatinumGames


MadWorld (Wii) imageMadWorld (Wii) imageMadWorld (Wii) image

Reader Reviews

MadWorld review

Reviewed March 16, 2009

disco says: "There’s a man dying in front of you. Blood is pouring out of his torso like a fountain, and the gash across his gut is deep enough to suck. He’s staring at you with wide, agony-stricken eyes, screaming at you for help. There’s not a lot of time, so you have to act quickly. There are several ways to approach this, though. You could just let him die. But that’s not what your sponsor wants, what the fans expect, or the what the rules imply. Besides, it’s just… boring. So what will it be? A s..."
disco's avatar

MadWorld review

Reviewed December 08, 2010

JoeTheDestroyer says: "Our man Jack isn't just dismembering for the hell of it. He's a man on a mission, sent to an isolated island where a bloody sport is being held. The citizens of the island have all become contestants of Death Watch, a game in which contestants kill one another for a crack at the championship. Jack poses as a contestant at first, but over time we see what he's really after. More is revealed that thickens the plot and gives the game that much more depth and style. It's refreshing to play and over-..."
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MadWorld review

Reviewed July 11, 2010

pickhut says: "It's easy to understand why many players think MadWorld is a badass beat 'em up when playing through it for the first time. An exaggerated cross between Escape from New York and The Running Man, MadWorld throws you into a black and white, noir-style, comic book setting, expecting you to pummel opponents in the most gruesome ways possible. A typical stage places your character, Jack, a 40-something with a chainsaw attached to his arm, in a closed section of the island city, and is t..."
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MadWorld review

Reviewed April 16, 2009

Suskie says: "Here’s how amazing MadWorld is: As soon as I finished the game’s first level, I went back and played it again. As opposed to, you know, moving on to the next stage. Whether I was impaling my opponents with street signs, ramming them ass-first through spikes jutting out of the floor, or merely holding them in place as roaring trains violently chafed away at their flesh, I’d been having so much fun exploring the countless methods of bloodily incapacitating my adversaries that I didn’..."
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