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Gauntlet: Dark Legacy (PlayStation 2) artwork

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy (PlayStation 2) review

"With dozens of monsters to slay, power-ups to do it with and an arsenal of weaponry, Gauntlet has it where it counts. But is that good enough to stand up against other games, such as Diablo and Baulders Gate: Dark alliance? "

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

In a Diablo style setting, Gauntlet: Dark Legacy takes the stage in a medieval hack and slash. With dozens of monsters to slay, power-ups to do it with and an arsenal of weaponry, Gauntlet has it where it counts. But is that good enough to stand up against other games, such as Diablo and Baulders Gate: Dark alliance?

Graphics are a large problem with this game. They're not smoothed out, and there's alot of problems with framerate in larger portions of the game. However, Some of the backgrounds to the worlds are tolerable, whereas some were vomit inducingly horrible. The explosions are nice, and so are the spell effects, but the character and monster design leaves worlds to be desired. Graphics hurt this games score tremendously.

Sound is another story. The explosions and voice overs are excellently done, and are just about at the level of desire for most gamers. Although the music is slightly less than average, It still gets the job done and goes nicely with the game setting, without conflicting with it at all. Although the ''humph!'' of your character attacking gets old, fast, it can be overlooked for other aspects of the game.

The gameplay is another lacking category for G:DL, If you're a decent distance away from an enemy, all characters use some sort of projectiles, and they're all powerful. Now, when you get in close however, alot of characters lack, and by the time you're in close, you could have killed the monster with your projectiles anyway. I remember my first time playing G:DL, we had rented it for a gaming night, whereas my friend had already played the game. After dominating the first level by projectiles alone, I turned and asked my friend, ''Hey, Does this ever get any harder? I mean, I should be dead by now'' And he responded with an expected ''No...not really.'' Believe me, untrained monkeys could whoop this game into next week.

Story...Did this game even have a story? If it did, I didn't catch it...However though, if I wanted a good story, I'd go off and play a Final Fantasy game, or something to that nature, and not something like this. So, story isn't really too terribly important in a hack-and-slash style game.

Overall, this ones a renter. It lacks in many places, and is more of a Final Fight goes to Hell game instead of Gauntlet: Dark Legacy Slaying Made Easy. Although I didn't like this game, and wouldn't spend money on it, my friend adores it. So, rent and judge for yourself. Everyone has their opinions.

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