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Devil May Cry (PlayStation 2) artwork

Devil May Cry (PlayStation 2) review

"With beautiful graphics, crisp sound and music, excellent game play, this should keep you enthralled for hours at least. Among the obvious, this game holds the two greatest things that make a great video game. Big swords and unlimited ammo."

Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry was, in my own opinion, one of the greater games released in quite awhile. With beautiful graphics, crisp sound and music, excellent game play, this should keep you enthralled for hours at least. Among the obvious, this game holds the two greatest things that make a great video game. Big swords and unlimited ammo.

On the graphics thing. They're pure nirvana. Lush backgrounds, excellent character and monster design, explosions and gore. Some of the best graphics the Playstation 2 has seen, and they don't hinder the performance and framerate one bit. In several places in the game, you can have around one dozen monsters running around you at all angles, and the game runs as smoothly as if it were just Dante running alone. The cut-scenes do leave a bit to be desired, though, as they're mostly just the characters as they look during normal gameplay.

Gameplay is sort of a love 'em or hate 'em thing. You run around, slash and gun mostly undead monsters that try to do the same down. Not neccisarily what you would call challenging or original, but still quite fun.
Personally, I've been a fan of games of this genre for as long as i can remember playing one, so it comes as no surprise to me that it's one I would enjoy. Others, however, seem to dislike the gameplay value of it for several reasons. ''Its another Resident Evil'' some have said, but was Resident Evil bad? Anyway, as mentioned before, this has the two key ingredients to making Good Game Pie. Big swords, unlimited ammo.

Sound is, for lack of a better word, perfect. The music fits the scenery excellently, the walk-around music is a creepy-style music that fits the game well, and the music that plays when enemies are in the area is sort of a techno-rock mix that is quite nice. The gunshots and swoosh from the sword are flawless, and timed to the exact. Laughs from the monsters and speech alike are timed well, sound great, and have virtually no flaws in them. The only part in sound that I really noticed was the fact that alot of the sounds are shared. I dont mean that the Pistol is the same aas the Shotgun, for example, I mean that the Laugh from alot of monsters are the same laugh-track, which tends to be annoying. Last time I checked, mannequins dont laugh the same as ghosts.

The storyline however, tends to be a bit...lame. OK, mysterious hot blonde woman enters building, hires Dante to go and kill the evil that has inhabited a castle. Gotcha, Right. I was following the storyline for all of 10 minutes before it got all crazy. Now, I'm not saying its bad. Kill alot of monsters and save some historic landmark is good and all, but..When you go from killing monsters to save a castle to killing sub-godlike-demons to killing demons in the underworld. Well, thats just too much for my tastes. But, why would you play a game like this for storyline anyway? I don't really see a point. But hey, everyone has their opinions.

Lastly, the replay factor is sort of downed on. Once you play through the game, you know how its going to be. It's like watching a movie, no matter how excellent the movie is, once you've seen it, thats practically all there is to it. You can play through harder difficulties to unlock even harder difficulties, but its basically the same. But run-around-and-kill-things still has its replay value.

Summary, this would probably be a rental game. It only took me all of 12 hours to beat it, and although it was an almost orgasmic experience, after a few days of playing it, it just sort of sat on my shelf thereafter. Even though I would have not changed my mind of purchase before rent, I don't think other people would share my same feelings.

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