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Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers (XSX) game cover art
Platform: Xbox 360
Tags: Fighting, Brawler, Fantasy
Developer: The Behemoth
More Platforms: PlayStation 3


Reader Reviews

Castle Crashers review

Reviewed January 10, 2010

dementedhut says: "Castle Crashers is really neither new nor fresh, instead, it simply follows in the footsteps of past beat 'em up releases, like the two Dungeon & Dragons arcade titles and Guardian Heroes, where, besides beating up villains, you can have up to four gamers play, gain experience points, cast spells, shop at stores, and take alternative paths. Gameplay-wise, everything Castle Crashers does has already been done. However, I highly doubt the developers, The Behemoth, were aiming for ori..."
dementedhut's avatar

Castle Crashers review

Reviewed November 14, 2008

dragoon_of_infinity says: "Flash games have become a kind of champion of lost productivity. Whether using them to milk the clock at work or to avoid that pesky learning thing in school, a massive time sink is perpetually just a click away. Utterly simplistic, these games are generally about the little things. It's not too often that you find anything unique, the real joy is instead in each game's individual quirks. "
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Castle Crashers review

Reviewed September 27, 2008

espiga says: "Castle Crashers begins with your knight of choice doing what knights do best: rocking out. Of course, not all goes to plan when a nerfarious wizard busts on the scene, stealing the castle's magical crystal and running off with the hot maidens. And so it's up to you, as one of 4 colourful knights to set out on a quest to get them back and kick some evil wizard ass. "
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