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StarCraft (PC) artwork

StarCraft (PC) review

"Another great title released by Blizzard entertainment, StarCraft sets the standards for real time strategy games, such as WarCraft and Red Alert. Social Life Loss sense..Tingling!"


Another great title released by Blizzard entertainment, StarCraft sets the standards for real time strategy games, such as WarCraft and Red Alert. Making a large impact on the multiplayer gaming world, StarCraft is welcomed with open arms, just like Diablo2..Sadly, but Diablo2 is another story. Alot of the factors that may seem like flaws for StarCraft are actually not flaws, and are, instead, the items that make the game flow smoothly, such as the graphics.
So, Lets get right to that.


Graphics leave much to be desired. Much. Alot. I could do better graphics with MS-paint. But, Thats a very important factor for the Game. Now, when you take into account that you can have up to 8 people clashing on one map, You need to have not-so-good graphics in order to maintain smooth and stable gameplay. If each of the units on the screen had great graphics, Framerate would die, and you'd have alot disconnects during gameplay. In multiplayer mode, of course.
However, the Cut-Scenes are virtual eye-candy, and the backgrounds for the mission titles are also very nice. Making up for the lack of good graphics for the actual gameplay. The animated unit portraits are also, quite outstanding. Also, the explosions, bullets, and those other war-like things are flawless. But, the units are just...blah

Overall, The graphics aren't too good, But they aren't really important in this type of game anyway. Hmm..A 7 should do this category nicely.

Music and Sound

The sound effects are superb. Flawless in the actual sound, and making them work in time with the gunfire and lip-movements. Most of the words a units says actually matches their lip movement, and theres alot of speech involved. The only time it got noticable that they weren't matching their lips were in portions where one unit made a speech, or something to that extent.

Music, is a different story. Although the music is nice, It can get very, very old, annoying, and monotonous. Frankly, I turn the music all the way down and boot up Winamp..

Sound and music, because of the problem in Music, only gets a 9/10.


Here is where Blizzard has proven its worth time and time again. Superb strategy, excellent plot and 30 missions are sure to keep you enticed. But it goes a step further and takes you into the Multiplayer world. StarCraft has been the cause of more sleepless nights and sick-days for work than my time playing EverQuest and Diablo combined. Where the Computer is predictible in most ways, a human opponent is not, and this just adds to its gameplay. With dozens of units for each of the three races, you'll spend hours trying to master each strategy. And since all of the races are excellently balanced, and each person can become good with each race, even a newbie can beat a well experienced player if they've experimented. The only, and albeit minor, flaw i've found with gameplay is that you can only send one force of 12 to attack before you have to re-select 12. This is most noticable with the Zerg, where you should have at least 6-7 dozen units attacking at once.

Gameplay is outstanding, and deserves every last point of the 10/10 rating, and then some.

Overall: 8.7ish.

Where alot of gamers tend to think the Graphics make a game, This game loses their intrest. for the rest of us, this gets a very dusty case, for the game stays in the D: drive 90% of the time.

Graphics: 7
Gameplay: 10
Sound and Music: 9
Even though this game had a superb storyline, that was not the point of the game, and I decided not to score it based on this. It's like trying to rate Mortal Kombat's storyline, It doesn't make sense.

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