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Alone in the Dark

Alone in the Dark (XSX) game cover art
Platform: Wii
Tags: Action, Horror
Developer: Eden Studios
More Platforms: 3DO, Mac, PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360
AKA: Alone in the Dark: Near Death Investigation (EU)

Alone in the Dark (Wii) imageAlone in the Dark (Wii) imageAlone in the Dark (Wii) image

Staff Reviews

Alone in the Dark review (Xbox 360)

Reviewed October 20, 2017

Joseph Shaffer says: "How the mighty have fallen..."
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Reader Reviews

Alone in the Dark review

Reviewed December 11, 2008

beverage says: " I find it to be strikingly painful when I come across a game with such enthusiasm only to be let down with my face bashed against the rubble like a children's toy forgotten about after a shining afternoon's adventuring. As the storm clouds loom overhead and swirl together in a deafening chorus, it becomes clear that this night's proceedings will be of relentless disappointment. How shameful that after such a long wait, the hopes of a prospective fan are crushed so. I WANTED to enjoy Alone in..."
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Alone in the Dark review

Reviewed September 05, 2008

bloomer says: "The new Alone in the Dark (AITD) is the most original videogame I have played for years. This makes it exciting to talk about, even if the title is not an unqualified success. It bears very little relation to the survival horror games it grew out of, or to previous AITD games, or in fact to anything else around now. AITD consists of a series of dynamic action set pieces which seek to play out as episodically as did the scenes in old laserdisc games like Dragon's Lair. The game throws away nearly..."
bloomer's avatar

Alone in the Dark review

Reviewed November 12, 2008

zippdementia says: "Imagine if you were driving along a coastal highway with your girlfriend on your way to a weekend resort as part of a paid holiday. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a semi truck slams into your vehicle, forcing it from the road to tumble amidst the jagged rocks a hundred feet below. Somehow you survive and pull your carcass out of the vehicle. You look back to help your girlfriend out of the car and see she's unconcious. You give her arm a tug to see if you can free her and her upper torso comes of..."
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