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Dragon Warrior

Dragon Warrior (XSX) game cover art
Platform: NES
Tags: RPG, Turn-Based
Developer: Chun Soft
More Platforms: Switch
AKA: Dragon Quest (JP)

Dragon Warrior (NES) screenshotDragon Warrior (NES) screenshotDragon Warrior (NES) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Dragon Warrior review

Reviewed January 08, 2005

Jason Venter says: "Step outside the castle and you might make it fifteen or twenty steps. Or you might make it one step. Or two, or three. Suddenly, that village a half-screen away can seem almost out of reach. This is compounded by another problem: the hero is a wimp for the majority of the game."
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Dragon Warrior review

Reviewed November 23, 2005

Rob Hamilton says: "Posing as the son of the great warrior Erdrick (who wasn’t great enough to wipe out the resident Dragonlord threat threatening the land of Alefgard), he is not only handy with a sword, but also with magic. Or, I should say, he will be....eventually. Initially, he is only suited to clumsily bopping weak slimes with a club and then running back to town before those weaklings overwhelm him."
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Reader Reviews

Dragon Warrior review

Reviewed February 06, 2004

icehawk says: "''Why am I still playing this game?'' I asked myself as I slowly trudged through enemy after enemy, desperately trying to build my level, and gold so I could cross a bridge and do it all over again. Despite the voices in my head pleading for me to stop I did continue going. That tends to be the weird thing with this game, (excluding voices in your head for some) despite this game's laundry list of flaws, it's surprisingly addictive, and you'll find yourself going and going and going. "
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Dragon Warrior review

Reviewed January 23, 2020

JoeTheDestroyer says: "Wander, kill, level up, repeat."
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Dragon Warrior review

Reviewed September 14, 2005

psychopenguin says: "THE RPG REVOLUTION STARTS!!!!1!!1! But is it a good start? "
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Dragon Warrior review

Reviewed August 04, 2009

randxian says: "While Dragon Warrior can at times be a slow grind fest, the game exudes an atmosphere that is charming, yet filled with hidden dangers and secrets at every turn. It may take several sleepless nights and plenty of pots of Eight O' Clock Coffee to make significant progress, but the rewards are well worth the effort. "
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Dragon Warrior review

Review date unknown

sgreenwell says: "Should Dragon Warrior be graded differently because it's such an old game? It's an interesting argument, but it's not particularily valid. The NES is so antiquated that better RPG's can be acquired for it."
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Dragon Warrior review

Reviewed March 01, 2003

whelkman says: "Enix's Dragon Warrior never was a great game, but over the years it has accumulated legendary status. The only legendary aspect of the game was Nintendo Power's promotional giveaway juggernaut. As a result, undue claims have garnered, from the inane (''This is the game which turned the crank of the RPG machine!'') to the just plain incorrect (''This is the first ever RPG!''). Still, Dragon Warrior is the first Japanese style role playing game to be released in the United States, and, due to i..."
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