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Jaguar Updates

The newest Jaguar content available on the site is listed on this page. You can search the game database alphabetically to find additional screenshots, guides and reviews, or feel free to check content for additional systems.

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Most Recent Game Reviews
Attack of the Mutant Penguins (Jaguar) artwork

Attack of the Mutant Penguins review (Jaguar)

Reviewed April 25, 2014

Vorty says: "Who even played an Atari Jaguar back in its day? The consoles failure has ultimately led to a strong but small cult of collectors dedicated to experiencing Atari's“64-Bit” powerhouse. The majority of the consoles library consisted of ports of awkward 16-bit/32-bit hybrids, leaving few exclusives of interest. However, one of the those exclusives is Attack of the Mutant Penguins, an incredibly bizarre arcade style overhead platform game now thrown into obscurity."
Val D'Isere Skiing and Snowboarding (Jaguar) artwork

Val D'Isere Skiing and Snowboarding review (Jaguar)

Reviewed May 24, 2007

LS650 says: "The Atari Jaguar has several racing games available: among them are Atari Karts, Power Drive Rally, Super Burnout, and of course the infamous Checkered Flag. But I would argue that the best racing game, and one of my favorite games for the Jaguar, is one that might surprise you: Val d'Isere Skiing and Snowboarding. "
Syndicate (Jaguar) artwork

Syndicate review (Jaguar)

Reviewed May 24, 2007

LS650 says: "In the early 1990s the British developer Bullfrog created some very popular simulation games such as 'Populous' and 'Theme Park'. In these games you assume the role of an omnipotent being who overlooks a world. While looking down upon this world's map, you can control various actions of small beings wandering around. "

If you're interested, check out this list of Jaguar games released in North America, sorted by year. You can also browse Jaguar releases in all regions using the alphabet strip near the top of this page.

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