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Bloody Roar 3 (PlayStation 2) artwork

Bloody Roar 3 (PlayStation 2) review

"However, this game is the next Killer Instinct, one that will keep you shouting obsenities at your friend when he tears you apart with Alice the Rabbit. But if you're one of those gamers that spontainiously combusts when exposed to direct sunlight, thus lacking many friends, this is not the game for you."

The third in a series of three. Unfortunantly for this game, it wasn't really a ''third'' it was more like a 2 and a half. With only 2 new characters, and all of the combos the same as the second, theres nothing that new with this game, but don't get me wrong, its great.


However low the stats may look, the game is stupendous. So don't stop reading this now.


This game took the Playstation2's graphical capabilities and pushed them to the limit. A huge upgrade from its former Bloody Roars, the characters, effects and Backgrounds are excellent.

Leaping ahead of its previous two, Bloody Roar3's chracters aren't blocky at all. They're all smooth and beautifully done, and if you put the game on slow(one of the bonus modes)you can actually see the characters muscles expand and contract with their movments.

The effects, leave a little to be desired, but are still great. They are nicely done, animate smoothly, and are colorful. Colors are nice.

The backgrounds, also, are nicely done. And instead of most other fighters, if a stage has a waterfall, for example, the animation of water falling isn't all of 3 slow frames long, its steady, fast and continuos.


Sound left, in my opinion, much to be desired. When you play, you won't really notice how bad they are, but after you start writing a review like this one, you notice it.

The usual ''Psh, bop bop, psh , thump'' noises from all previous fighters come into play here. They're annoying. Alot. And if there wasn't background music, i'd drop Sound's stats about 2 points or so..

But, the music is pretty nice. It's got a nice soundtrack, with a few toons you'll be humming occasionally. However not outstanding, the music is good.

The buttons are all in the right places, and you get a good feel for each one really quick.The only problem here is that they didn't take advantage of the shoulder buttons, which really would have helped. Not to mention your fingers will be sore, and blistered maybe, after an hour or so with your friends. And if you have competitive friends like mine, the hours and taunts will roll in.

Umm..Thats about it for control.. *shrug*


Gameplay is extremely nice, you get really balanced combos, and there isn't one all supreme character. Each human and beast mode of each character holds different combos, as well as different weaknesses.

For example, Xion's human mode is pretty weak, he doesn't hit hard, and hits fairly slow. However, once in Beast Drive, he can hammer into his opponents, quick, fast and in a hurry. And lets not forget hard. but the problem with his beastmode is that if he gets hit, his beast bar drains considerably faster than other players.

Yugo, Howerver, is almost the exact opposite.

However, even though you get a different set of combos for beast and human mode, they still lack in that section. There aren't very many, and it may take awhile to find the right combo for the job.


Unless you're playing against friends, there aren't really very many reasons to play this again and again. The added modes are pretty lame, and once you learn the game with one character. Its over, theres not much straying from his sets.

However, this game is the next Killer Instinct, one that will keep you shouting obsenities at your friend when he tears you apart with Alice the Rabbit. But if you're one of those gamers that spontainiously combusts when exposed to direct sunlight, thus lacking many friends, this is not the game for you. But if you have friends. Remember this simple equation.
Bloody Roar3 + Pizza + Caffeine + Friends + Overnight gaming session =Fun fun fun.

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