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Balloon Fight

Balloon Fight (XSX) game cover art
Platform: NES
Tags: Action
Developer: Nintendo


Balloon Fight (NES) imageBalloon Fight (NES) imageBalloon Fight (NES) image

Staff Reviews

Balloon Fight review

Reviewed June 10, 2005

K T says: "Starbuck faces shortcomings in technology that donít hinder his enemy. When he manages to pop an enemyís singular balloon (to William J. Starbuckís advantage, he has two balloons!), they have parachutes that allow them to fall gently, often allowing them to float above nearby suspended rocky ledges, as opposed to the infested waters below, where Kazak the space mutant fish would surely like to devour them."
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Balloon Fight review

Reviewed September 11, 2002

Jason Venter says: "You (and a competing friend, if you go this two-player) get to make a mad leap forward and hopefully keep a few of your opponents from even getting off the ground. The rest obviously will take to the air, and then it's a delicate matter of defeating them while avoiding the natural hazards."
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Reader Reviews

Balloon Fight review

Reviewed December 29, 2015

dementedhut says: "The ABCs"
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Balloon Fight review

Reviewed February 03, 2005

mariner says: "In 1982, Larry Walters fulfilled his lifelong dream. By attaching 45 helium balloons to a lawn chair and armed only with a pellet gun, a radio, a camera, and some soda, he set flight. Sailing over California at 16,000 ft, he got to enjoy an impressive view (yet still forgot to take pictures) and piss off a lot of pilots. By shooting some of the balloons, he made a semi controlled descent, with a remarkable landing right into some high voltage power lines. Once safely on the ground, he was gr..."
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Balloon Fight review

Reviewed November 16, 2002

ratking says: "An interesting game of sorts. The point is to drop down on your balloon, and pop your opponents balloons before they do the vice-versa to you. This is a very old game, and yet it was easily one of the best games for the NES, until at least it's later years. It was an interesting idea, with great gameplay. "
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