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Wild ARMs XF

Wild ARMs XF (XSX) game cover art
Platform: PSP
Tags: RPG, Strategy, Fantasy, Turn-Based
Developer: Media.Vision
AKA: Wild ARMs: Crossfire (JP)

Wild ARMs XF (PSP) screenshotWild ARMs XF (PSP) screenshotWild ARMs XF (PSP) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Wild ARMs XF review

Reviewed September 21, 2008

Josh Higley says: "It truely is a fantastic example of the genre, but it's immediately obvious that innovation isn't the reason why. The game's biggest departure from genre conventions is that its play field is divided into hexagons instead of squares. This makes sense given the battle system of the last two traditional Wild Arms games, and adds a small bit of series recognition to the game, but the practical impact is nonexistent. The game feels very familiar immediately. Move a unit, select its action, move on. Simple. "
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