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Super Mario Kart

Super Mario Kart (XSX) game cover art
Platform: SNES
Tags: Racing, Arcade
Developer: Nintendo


Super Mario Kart (SNES) imageSuper Mario Kart (SNES) screenshotSuper Mario Kart (SNES) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Super Mario Kart review

Review date unknown

Jason Venter says: "You’ll soon find that much of your success in Super Mario Kart comes from the items you obtain and the way you use them. A stupid player may toss away a green shell, considering it useless. A better player might drop it behind the kart as a bomb, or use it as a shield from a red homing shell. Each item gathered has multiple uses, making strategy just as important as luck. And of course, there’s no substitute for good racing."
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Reader Reviews

Super Mario Kart review

Reviewed August 21, 2004

goldenvortex says: "I dislike racing games, most of the time. They seem to be bland and repetitive, going around a track, lap after lap until you finish, then after that it feels like ''Oh wow! That was fun!!'' (Sarcastic tone). Going around in circles repeatedly isn't really my cup of tea but after an invite to a pals house many years ago, my interest was rekindled by his SNES and his copy of Super Mario Kart. Who would have thought it? Nintendo plucked eight characters from the immensely popular Mario se..."
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Super Mario Kart review

Reviewed June 29, 2004

kingbroccoli says: "I want you to be my friend. I want you in my house, right now. We can intertwine our bodies on my patchwork beanbag every night and together we’ll while away the hours. There will be no pain, there will be no confrontation; there will be only the sunshine that can come when you look into the eyes of another and know deep down that they’re feeling you. "
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Super Mario Kart review

Reviewed August 21, 2002

ratking says: "Now for this review to be honestly fair, you must understand where I am coming from. I was not one of the ones who had experience Super Mario Kart when it was first released, nor before I had even played it's sequel. I only got it around three months ago when I got my Super Nintendo, seeing I wanted the original Mario Kart. I was kinda dissapointed with the experience but that is understandable. I will try to understand this game when it was originally released, but really I guess I can't. Howev..."
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Super Mario Kart review

Reviewed February 29, 2004

retro says: "By 1992, Mario was tired and needed a long vacation. He had conquered the world of video games with engaging, classic platformers that all have his name on them. Super Mario Bros. had saved video games in thousands of people's eyes; Super Mario Bros. 2 was strange, yet classic nonetheless; Super Mario Bros. 3 became the biggest selling video game in history, and as many would argue, the best game ever up to this point. Finally, Super Mario World showed the world that ..."
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