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Soul Blazer

Soul Blazer (XSX) game cover art
Platform: SNES
Tags: RPG, Action, Fantasy
Developer: Quintet
AKA: Soul Blader (JP)

Soul Blazer (SNES) screenshotSoul Blazer (SNES) screenshotSoul Blazer (SNES) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Soul Blazer review

Reviewed January 13, 2004

Marc Golding says: "There was a time when you’d play a game like The Legend of Zelda, and feel that strong emotional attachment grow with every swing of your sword. Today, you play games like Final Fantasy 8, and feel a similar (but not quite the same) sort of emotion while the CD loads, and your controller rests relatively untouched in your hands, little different than that DVD remote. Enter Soulblazer."
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Reader Reviews

Soul Blazer review

Reviewed January 22, 2006

mariner says: "Some people call Zelda an action/RPG. Although Zelda has elements of both genres, it is much more than that, and is in reality a completely different genre. Soul Blazer, often compared to Zelda by those that have actually heard of it, is not. It is a simple blend of action and RPG, combining the two rather than creating something new. Such an attempt, blending two incredibly different styles of gaming, seems doomed to failure. Yet, despite the seeming impossibility, I find Soul Blazer to be a s..."
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Soul Blazer review

Reviewed March 24, 2005

overdrive says: "Once upon a time in a land far away, there lived a king. Formerly a kind and generous man, the monarch made a fateful decision to summon a powerful demon. When the foul Deathtoll appeared, the king traded the souls of every living being under his jurisdiction for one gold coin each. That money would wind up unclaimed, though, as the king’s soul was lost, too (he should have read the fine print). Just like that, Deathtoll erased all life from the world and turned it into a ruined and desolate pla..."
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Soul Blazer review

Reviewed June 17, 2009

zippdementia says: "Soul Blazer’s intro-story is a veritable list of things evil despots should watch out for. You shouldn’t build machines to summon demons. You shouldn’t barter with said demons, especially if their name is something like “Deathtoll.” And if you do happen to make a deal where you trade him lives in exchange for gold, at least have the presence of mind to stop before your entire kingdom is empty of happy tax payers. Oh, and check the contract to make sure you get to keep your soul in the..."
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