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Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana (XSX) game cover art
Platform: SNES
Tags: Adventure, Fantasy
Developer: Square
More Platforms: PlayStation 4, Vita
AKA: Seiken Densetsu 2 (JP)

Secret of Mana (SNES) imageSecret of Mana (SNES) imageSecret of Mana (SNES) image

Staff Reviews

Secret of Mana review

Reviewed January 25, 2013

Rob Hamilton says: "The farther you advance into the adventure, the more worthless the hero becomes when compared to his two companions. He is the best melee fighter, which is great for mowing through the common enemies that reside on the paths your party must navigate while traversing the overworld and any dungeons, but he possesses no magic of his own. When left to fight alone, the best the hero can do is charge up his weapon of choice (which isn't the quickest of processes) and hope to connect with an enemy by unleashing an enhanced attack."
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Reader Reviews

Secret of Mana review

Reviewed December 12, 2017

Follow_Freeman says: "A mix of turn-based & real-time RPGs that isn't for everyone but provides hours of rich fun for its audience."
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Secret of Mana review

Reviewed March 19, 2017

hastypixels says: "About as quirky as it gets without being Indie."
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Secret of Mana review

Reviewed January 29, 2006

mariner says: "I'm really starting to wonder what's with Squaresoft. Many call them the best RPG developer, while others claim they're an overrated piece of fecal matter. Me, I'm still confused. The Final Fantasy series has proven to be a deep and breathtaking series, constantly reinventing itself and consistently providing a quality experience. Yet Chrono Trigger, often considered to be the best RPG of all time, let me down severely, being nothing more than a bland game doing nothing special. And now Sec..."
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Secret of Mana review

Reviewed March 21, 2007

mrshotgun says: "Most people do not realize it, but the now-hallowed Mana series did not begin with the seminal title which this review describes. It far started as Seiken Dentetsu - or as we here in the western hemisphere better know it, Final Fantasy Adventure. This landmark Gasmeboy title had its title altered to bank off Final Fantasy's recent success on the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was the first, but not the last time that Mana would play second fiddle to the more recognized Final Fantasy brand...."
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Secret of Mana review

Review date unknown

sgreenwell says: "Overall, Secret of Mana is an outstanding game, and deserves a spot in any gamer's library. The great story, graphics, gameplay, and sound will keep you coming back for more."
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Secret of Mana review

Reviewed July 13, 2022

Travelmusicman37 says: "Another masterpiece from Square."
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