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Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition (XSX) game cover art
Platform: Wii
Tags: Action, Horror
Developer: Capcom
AKA: Biohazard 4: Wii Edition (JP)

Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition (Wii) imageResident Evil 4: Wii Edition (Wii) imageResident Evil 4: Wii Edition (Wii) image

Reader Reviews

Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition review

Reviewed October 26, 2013

JoeTheDestroyer says: "Finally, you can truly aim for the head!"
JoeTheDestroyer's avatar

Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition review

Reviewed January 12, 2008

meeptroid says: "There’s nothing more satisfying than the realistic feel of physically aiming at and bursting the decrepit watermelon of a zombie’s skull with the morbid Gallagher's hammer of your shotgun blast. There’s nothing more invigorating than feeling that sigh of relief twist into a horrified grimace as you realize there are ten more behind you - and instinctively, almost mechanically turning 180 degrees and balancing firing, dodging and reloading with the dexterity of an octopus until hordes of our corr..."
meeptroid's avatar

Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition review

Reviewed July 01, 2007

SuperPhillip says: "Since its original release in the early part of 2005, Resident Evil 4 has reached a total of four different platforms. Originally a Gamecube exclusive, RE 4 was ported with added goodies onto the PS2 and a year later ported to the PC. Now it has been ported to the Nintendo Wii with the PS2's bonuses and the Wii's trademark waggle controls. This rendition of Resident Evil 4 is easily the best, and quite possibly is the one of the best games of all time. Read more to see why. "
SuperPhillip's avatar

Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition review

Reviewed January 03, 2009

TomatoMan says: "Most people have played an earlier version of this game and enjoyed it. Some couldn't get enough and others were content with one play through. This game was so popular that the game was released three times. The original GameCube release had great character models, you could see the wrinkles and dirt on their face; however, it was lacking in bonus content. The PlayStation 2 release had an abundant amount of bonus content including Separate Ways, Assignment Ada, and Mercenaries modes. Though the..."
TomatoMan's avatar

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