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Pokémon Pearl Version

Pokémon Pearl Version (XSX) game cover art
Platform: DS
Tags: RPG, Turn-Based
Developer: Game Freak
AKA: Pocket Monsters Pearl (JP)

Pokémon Pearl Version (DS) screenshotPokémon Pearl Version (DS) screenshotPokémon Pearl Version (DS) screenshot

Reader Reviews

Pokémon Pearl Version review

Reviewed May 24, 2007

bexran says: " These games were overall really good. The style of game changed completely resulting in a better game than the eleven before. The graphics have changed, the look of the characters have changed, more pokemon have been added, the overall goal that you need to accomplish right away has completely changed, and most of the options that used to take forever to do, have been sped up by the use of the stylus. "
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Pokémon Pearl Version review

Reviewed June 19, 2007

Calvin says: "Since the beginning of mankind, anyone who has told a story, has furthered the idea of the Hero. In the 1940's, Joseph Campbell wrote a book called "The Hero with a Thousand Faces", in which Joseph claims every story has already been told and it is necessary to continue to retell these stories. He went on to detail the Hero's Journey and the Characters who accompany the hero. So we are telling the exact same story as our ancient ancestors. Campbell's book his inspired one of his best friends to ..."
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Pokémon Pearl Version review

Reviewed May 05, 2007

disco says: "As the sun rises over the Sinnoh Region, children are leaving their homes by the hundreds. They aren’t attending school, nor are they running away from tough family situations and domestic abuse. In fact, their parents are waving goodbye from their doorsteps, secretly wiping tears from their eyes and hiding their emotions. They know that they may never see their sons or daughters for months, years, or ever again. Yet they allow the children roam free across the land, exploring every dank cave, w..."
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Pokémon Pearl Version review

Reviewed May 31, 2011

wolfqueen001 says: "My greatest enjoyment from Pearl, as with all generations of Pokemon, has come from finding and capturing every species available, figuring out how the new ones evolve and deciding how best to maximize my Pokemon's move set to create the most effective strategy. But Pearl has added a lot more to this level of discovery."
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