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E.V.O.: The Search for Eden

E.V.O.: The Search for Eden (XSX) game cover art
Platform: SNES
Tags: Action
Developer: Almanic
AKA: 46 Okunen Monogatari: Harukanaru Eden e (JP)

Staff Reviews

E.V.O.: The Search for Eden review

Reviewed May 01, 2013

Kyle Charizanis says: "E.V.O.: The Search for Eden really shouldn’t be fun. It’s an Action-RPG with almost no redeeming qualities, save for its one highly enjoyable system of evolution. The developers seem to have made the game entirely dependent on that feature, and amazingly, their gambit worked. Even though almost all of the gameplay consists of grinding for EVO (evolution) points to further tweak your Darwinian nightmare, the promise of that next upgrade is just enough motivation to keep playing. I find it ironic that a game about evolution would survive purely by appealing to an obscure niche."
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Reader Reviews

E.V.O.: The Search for Eden review

Reviewed January 25, 2003

alecto says: "“Survival of the fittest” is the phrase that best describes E.V.O., a game that tackles the theory of evolution with an approach that flips between light-hearted playfulness and primal ferocity. Nature is, of course, both of these things, and exists because of delicate balances that can easily be disrupted. One divergence from the evolutionary path can cause chaos, and eventually the death of the planet. "
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E.V.O.: The Search for Eden review

Reviewed July 11, 2004

goldenvortex says: "E.V.O was a bizarre and original SNES game that mixed elements from an RPG with that of action platform game, adding it’s own unique elements producing a very original game that was interesting to play through and also providing new features that most gamers hadn’t experienced before. The game also had a very strange storyline that absorbed various ideas from the story of Creation and the Charles Darwin theory of evolution. Two theories of life that most people tend to believe in and also disp..."
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