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God Hand

God Hand (XSX) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation 2
Tags: Fighting, Brawler
Developer: Clover Studio


God Hand (PlayStation 2) screenshotGod Hand (PlayStation 2) screenshotGod Hand (PlayStation 2) screenshot

Staff Reviews

God Hand review

Reviewed November 09, 2006

Zack Little says: "When God Hand’s not funny, it’s thrilling. When it’s not thrilling, it’s funny. And sometimes it manages both at once."
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Reader Reviews

God Hand review

Reviewed May 20, 2016

Dinoracha says: "This game may slap me around like a chump, but returning the favor is never not satisfying."
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God Hand review

Reviewed November 08, 2006

disco says: "Once upon a time, Satan and his minions arrived on Earth and attempted to annihilate humanity. Using his supernatural abilities and unimaginably sadistic tendencies, the dark lord had almost all of mankind wiped out. But as everyone on the planet cowered and let themselves be subjugated into this new Hell on Earth, a lone man stepped forward. He didn’t have any friends, family, or even a name. What he did have, however, was the ability to kick a serious amount of demonic ass. This hero was armed..."
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God Hand review

Reviewed January 15, 2007

Genj says: "I knew God Hand was special shortly into the game. After smacking around hordes of goons armed with sledgehammers, two by fours and spiked clubs, I found myself in the most unusual of situations. My character had entered a colorful hidden carnival in the middle of a dusty spaghetti western town. A stage could be seen in the distance showcasing dancing brawlers. A voice was then heard. "
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God Hand review

Reviewed May 28, 2007

guts says: "The first thing that will strike you about God Hand is that the story is god damned insane. The initial cinema alone has the main character telling a his really hot female companion that some rough looking Road Warrior type male thugs are “sexier” than she is, which is followed up a little later with a scene where he tells two blatantly homosexual boss characters in gold & silver bikini armor that he “isn’t that kind of guy”. Those two scenes are pretty tame though compared to some of the most..."
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God Hand review

Reviewed June 19, 2007

phediuk says: "All you do in God Hand is whoop ass. The game doesn’t make a big secret of this; hell, the box art is just a fist punching some guy’s face. Do you like whooping ass? If your answer is yes, then you’d best ignore the so-so reviews God Hand received from gaming critics and give it a whirl, as it is some of the best dumb fun you’ve had in awhile. Yes, that’s right, fun. None of those conceited terms like “depth” could be used in reference to God Hand, but it doesn’t matter, because it provid..."
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God Hand review

Reviewed June 15, 2009

pickhut says: "Whether you're a skilled gamer or just someone looking for a good time (call me), God Hand doesn't discriminate; it will kick your ass the moment you step into its playground. Since this is a 3D beat 'em up title, you probably think I'm over-exaggerating, believing you can make it through this game by only mashing buttons. If you even dare to do that here, God Hand will set you straight, sending you to the continue screen in mere seconds. God Hand doesn't play it your way, y..."
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