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Red Steel

Red Steel (XSX) game cover art
Platform: Wii
Tags: Shooter, First-Person, Contemporary
Developer: Ubisoft


Reader Reviews

Red Steel review

Reviewed September 27, 2007

beverage says: "Red Steel is a Japanese wannabe game whose play has an interesting metaphorical resemblance to a happy meal. There, I summed up everything you needed to know in one simple sentence. The sad truth being, that I'm really not kidding about this. You know how delicious that little tub of lard-glazed french fries looks when you're at your local heat-attack hut. That guy who photographs the hamburgers and tacos which you know will only hurt you in the end, does a beautiful job, and the deception t..."
beverage's avatar

Red Steel review

Reviewed May 11, 2007

sayainprince says: "Red Steel presents what I feel is an amazing formula for a game. Whoever came up with the idea to wrap together a Yakuza story with motion censored sword fighting and gunplay should be offered a medal for his brilliance. I mean that's an idea for a game that I can really get into! I was pumped for Red Steel! As it turned out, though, Ubisoft just wasn't the developer to be put in charge of making such a game. Red Steel doesn't do the idea any justice whatsoever, and the game falls flat on its fa..."
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Red Steel review

Reviewed July 08, 2008

zippdementia says: "It's funny. Here I am considering getting rid of my Wii because I hardly play it, and yet one of the few games I keep returning to is this launch title that was lambasted by the critics. "
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