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Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy (XSX) game cover art
Platform: Wii
Tags: Action, Platformer
Developer: Nintendo


Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) imageSuper Mario Galaxy (Wii) imageSuper Mario Galaxy (Wii) image

Staff Reviews

Super Mario Galaxy review

Reviewed December 17, 2007

Jason Venter says: "Once he satisfies the current requirements, a new launch pad appears and he can rocket off to his next adventure. Usually, it's another planet with a new assignment. Each area mixes objectives so often that it's almost impossible to get bored because there's always something new on hand. Sometimes you'll clear a stage and go back to it not because you have to, but because you're not yet finished having fun!"
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Super Mario Galaxy review

Reviewed May 03, 2015

Rob Hamilton says: "It's always nice when the heroes of yesteryear still have it!"
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Reader Reviews

Super Mario Galaxy review

Reviewed May 24, 2008

bigcj34 says: "Super Mario is such forgiving fellow. In one game he may be trying to take Bowser and his henchmen off the throne, and in others heís playing a gentlemanly game of golf or tennis with him. But Mario games that involve pounding on top of Bowser have become an increased rarity; this is only the third original 3D Mario title ever. For many, this is truly the second, as Super Mario Sunshine didnít count apparently. "
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Super Mario Galaxy review

Reviewed January 10, 2008

Carlo84 says: "If anything embodies the simple beauty of videogame entertainment, it is Nintendoís Super Mario series. For many gamers, its creative level design and instinctive gameplay underline the entirety of their gaming experience as much as the iconic characters are ingrained into their psyche. Super Mario Galaxy follows tradition and is so beautifully and imaginatively constructed it beggars belief. But while Galaxy revels in its old school prowess combined with its innovations, there are times when th..."
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Super Mario Galaxy review

Reviewed December 18, 2007

Crazyreyn says: "A Nintendo console just isn't complete without a flagship Mario title. The Wii has had few stunning single player experiences to boast about, and who else to deliver than the king of platforming himself, Sir Mario of Mario? With little surprises in terms of plot, he returns once again in an adventure that is simply out of this world. "
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Super Mario Galaxy review

Reviewed November 14, 2007

disco says: "Why are you interested in the Wii? Come on, be honest. It isnít the graphics. It canít be just the price. Donít tell me itís just because of the newfangled control scheme. Itís about the games, and you know it. There hasnít been much of a reason to get a Wii in the last few months. Sure, there has been a handful of quality titles added to its library (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption head up that list), but there havenít been any truly amazing, awe-i..."
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Super Mario Galaxy review

Reviewed December 21, 2007

Ness says: "I once heard a kid in a wheelchair say that Mario is the most well-known game character ever, that both hardcore and casual gamers know who he is. Everyone from the geek down the street who stays inside playing games 24/7, to your parents, to girls, all know who Mario is. As a result of this, Mario has progressed from stomping on turtles to his name appearing on just about every game genre possible. While being whored all the time, gamers keep faith that every five years or so, Mario will ret..."
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Super Mario Galaxy review

Reviewed February 24, 2008

phediuk says: "As I was playing through Mario Galaxy, I found I was having fun. But not the conventional type of fun. Letís call it ďhalf-funĒ. Itís the kind of fun where you enjoy what youíre playing but at the same time youíre bored out of your mind. Itís like after you drink a big Slurpee; you feel very quenched but simultaneously very thirsty. It became increasingly clear over the course of Galaxy that the game would be a lot better if it wasnít a Mario game. Forget being played out to death; Marioís been ..."
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Super Mario Galaxy review

Reviewed December 12, 2007

Ping5000 says: "If there is one game that defines the Wii, Super Mario Galaxy is it. If there's a game that defines a generation, Super Mario Galaxy is one of them. It's that good. This is the best game that Nintendo has created in years, which says a lot, considering their pedigree. Super Mario Galaxy is in essence, a phenomenally fun game that has the ability to make you naturally smile because it's so wonderfully entertaining. Super Mario Galaxy isn't just one of the best platformers ever, but it's also poss..."
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Super Mario Galaxy review

Reviewed July 08, 2010

Suskie says: "Hereís what you know. You know that when you tilt the analog stick, Mario will run in that direction. You know that pressing the A button makes Mario jump, and that if you land on top of a monster, that monster will disintegrate and drop a coin. Youíre probably aware that Mario is frequently tasked with collecting stars, and that this endeavor will eventually lead to the rescue of Princess Peach from the clutches of the ever-persistent Bowser. These are the basics, and they are likely the only a..."
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