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Mass Effect

Mass Effect (XSX) game cover art
Platform: Xbox 360
Tags: RPG, Action, Sci-Fi
Developer: BioWare
More Platforms: PC, PlayStation 3


Mass Effect (Xbox 360) imageMass Effect (Xbox 360) imageMass Effect (Xbox 360) image

Staff Reviews

Mass Effect review

Reviewed March 30, 2008

Gary Hartley says: "Mass Effect isn’t a game that deals just in moralistic black & white. These choices, while straightforward enough at first, are often draped in an ugly shade of red."
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Mass Effect review

Reviewed March 21, 2008

Mike Suskie says: "I completed Mass Effect in little more than twenty hours, which may seem like a travesty when compared with many other successful RPGs. But Mass Effect’s amazingly involving methods of storytelling are truly unmatched, and with rarely a moment that isn’t spectacular, BioWare has (regardless of length) skillfully crafted one of the most compelling RPGs ever made."
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Reader Reviews

Mass Effect review

Reviewed December 09, 2007

Carlo84 says: "Mass Effect is a challenging game to decipher. Hours in you will have engaged in countless conversations over the most trivial of minutiae, you will have killed (and been killed) by an endless army of Geth droids and you will have flown to and explored numerous uncharted, but disappointingly empty, planets. Even after this, you may not even know what a ‘mass effect’ is, let alone decided whether BioWare’s latest sci-fi opera has been a success in combining intensive role-playing with squad-based..."
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Mass Effect review

Reviewed February 29, 2008

cheezisgoooood says: "I hate to say that I regret buying Mass Effect. I don't feel like I should hate this game, it's ambitious and has a great story, epic scope, a great and innovative dialogue system, and an awesome musical score. The truth is though, this game just feels undercooked. It strives for greatness and falls just short, and it affects every aspect of the game to the point where it makes it hard for me to continue playing. There will be many people who will easily overlook Mass Effect's flaws and call..."
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Mass Effect review

Reviewed January 28, 2009

JANUS2 says: "Mass Effect wants to make you feel like a genuine space hero in vast, complicated and interesting galaxy."
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Mass Effect review

Reviewed June 07, 2017

JoeTheDestroyer says: "Commander Shepard: Hero of humanity, scourge of the Geth, puncher of reporters."
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Mass Effect review

Reviewed November 25, 2007

lasthero says: "The moment that made me realize Mass Effect was a great game came about thirty minutes in. "
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Mass Effect review

Reviewed February 17, 2017

overdrive says: "Not a perfect beginning, but one that definitely served to get me enthralled."
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Mass Effect review

Reviewed December 03, 2007

PAJ89 says: "Man has always wondered whether there is intelligent life beyond the sea of stars in the sky. In BioWare’s latest blockbuster, Mass Effect, mankind is late to the intergalactic party. Alien races have established a council that encompasses the best part of the Milky Way, and humanity is the new kid on the block. After discovering ancient technology on planet Mars, humans got a jump start that allowed them to travel time and space. The majority of the alien races are sceptical and envious of man’..."
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