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Battalion Wars

Battalion Wars (XSX) game cover art
Platform: GameCube
Tags: Action, Third-Person, Contemporary
Developer: Kuju Entertainment
AKA: Totsugeki! Famicom Wars (JP)

Battalion Wars (GameCube) screenshotBattalion Wars (GameCube) screenshotBattalion Wars (GameCube) screenshot

Reader Reviews

Battalion Wars review

Reviewed May 22, 2006

disco says: "Military games are a dime a dozen these days. When was the last time a major World War II-based combat simulation not being released for a home console or PC? How many times can we take on the AI-controlled Germans and still feel like weíre playing a unique game? Havenít we deployed platoons, shot down enemy fighters, endured D-Day, blown up, and used tanks to plow our way through enemy forces enough times to make the whole experience seem unoriginal? Nevertheless, playing war hasnít seem to hav..."
disco's avatar

Battalion Wars review

Reviewed December 29, 2005

Knux says: "To be honest, my Game Boy Advance SP, once a knight in shining (quite literally, at last!) plastic, has seen little to no activity in recent months. In a sense, then, I can actually relate to the poor thing, but I digress. "
Knux's avatar

Battalion Wars review

Reviewed April 17, 2007

mariner says: "Late in the GameCube's life, Nintendo started funding all sorts of different types of games from random companies. Some turned out pretty good, some were terrible. Predictably however, they all bombed sales-wise. The good news though is that means they became dirt cheap real quick, and thus allowing those of us who are fairly cautious about these sorts of things a chance to try them out with minimal risk. Battalion Wars, needless to say, is one such game. And though it shows plenty of the r..."
mariner's avatar

Battalion Wars review

Reviewed August 26, 2006

shenlongbo says: "Battalion Wars was originally introduced under a different name as a spin-off of the GameBoy Advance's stellar Advance Wars series. It strays from its handheld roots, foregoing the tried-and-true, turn-based gameplay in favor of an action-shooter/real-time strategy hybrid. As a concept, this works pretty well, especially in the context of Advance Wars. In practice, the resulting gameplay is completely wrecked. "
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