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Indigo Prophecy

Indigo Prophecy (XSX) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation 2
Tags: Adventure, Contemporary
Developer: Quantic Dream
More Platforms: PlayStation 4, Sega 32X, Sega CD, Xbox
AKA: Fahrenheit (EU), Fahrenheit (JP)

Indigo Prophecy (PlayStation 2) screenshotIndigo Prophecy (PlayStation 2) screenshotIndigo Prophecy (PlayStation 2) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Indigo Prophecy review

Reviewed August 20, 2007

Nicholas Tan says: "The relentless gravity of Indigo Prophecy pulls you through a vivid storm."
draqq_zyxx's avatar

Indigo Prophecy review

Reviewed December 23, 2008

Gary Hartley says: "It’s around here that Marcus stops worrying about his mental health and starts trying to be middle America’s answer to Chow Yun Fat on a tabletop-sized slab of LSD. It’s about here you may want to start thinking about employing your console’s off switch."
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Indigo Prophecy review

Reviewed August 12, 2006

Zack Little says: "Sometimes making the wrong decision leads to a setback, a step missed along the way. Sometimes it leads into a side story you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise, like a quaint night of ice-skating between two friends. Sometimes it leads to a game over. The roads diverge, cross, and one of Indigo Prophecy’s biggest appeals is that it encourages experimentation."
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Reader Reviews

Indigo Prophecy review

Reviewed January 12, 2006

atra_vortex says: "Indigo Prophecy is a game that I have had a good feeling about for a long time. A similiar anticipation would have been Killer 7, in that both games promised to be highly original and new play experiences. Another thing that Killer 7 and Indigo Prophecy have in common is that both titles were given less than spectacular reviews from the popular gaming press. Most reviews didn't tear the games apart, but neither of them were received as warmly as anticipated. In the case of Killer 7, I ignored so..."
atra_vortex's avatar

Indigo Prophecy review

Reviewed January 03, 2010

darketernal says: "Every once in a while there’s a game that’s destined to change things. Perhaps it’s the sort of game that heralds in a new engine, showcases a new standard of graphics, or brings in a unforeseen focus on story and settings. On the other side of the spectrum, there’s game so utterly bad they serve as a large sign to all future developers never, ever to design games in such a way. Often, these failures drown in pre-release hype, chosen to usher in a new age. At worst, a game that symbolizes the re..."
darketernal's avatar

Indigo Prophecy review

Reviewed August 22, 2007

jeeeehad says: "I’m a sucker for a game with a good story…no, let me rephrase. I’m a sucker for a game that promises a good story—that’s what ultimately makes me a sucker. Many months ago, years now, I started reading a preview for a game called Indigo Prophecy, and my pulse quickened. "
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Indigo Prophecy review

Reviewed August 26, 2007

MartinG says: "Playing Fahrenheit is like watching a car crash in slow motion. At first you just see a car moving, maybe it's even a pretty car, but suddenly it hits a lamp-post, curls around itself in a horrible metallic mess and bits of test mannequins fly all over the place. "
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