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Dragon Warrior Monsters

Dragon Warrior Monsters (XSX) game cover art
Platform: Game Boy Color
Tags: RPG, Turn-Based, Fantasy
Developer: Tose
AKA: Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland (JP)

Dragon Warrior Monsters (Game Boy Color) screenshotDragon Warrior Monsters (Game Boy Color) screenshotDragon Warrior Monsters (Game Boy Color) screenshot

Reader Reviews

Dragon Warrior Monsters review feedback bubble

Reviewed February 15, 2021

dagoss says: "An underappreciated celebration and love letter to fans of a long-lived series"
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Dragon Warrior Monsters review

Review date unknown

jaksiel says: "If you take a look at the box and the instructions for Dragon Warrior Monsters (heretofore to be referred to as DWM), you may be apt to dismiss it as just another Pokémon clone. Well, if you were to do that, you would be wrong. So very wrong. Read on to find out why DWM is not just a mindless Pokémon clone and it in fact is a much better, deeper, and more enjoyable game. "
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Dragon Warrior Monsters review

Reviewed July 06, 2002

ratking says: "Ah yes... Even the succesful Dragon Warrior series decided to start copying the ingenuis idea of Pokemon. This is a game by feeding creatures certain meets after weakenning them, you try and convince them to join. You also need to breed these creatures to make even better creatures. It's just a cycle like this, more similiar to Revelations than Pokemon. I just love this monster owner genre that just popped up after Pokemon sales. "
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Dragon Warrior Monsters review

Reviewed March 07, 2004

tomclark says: "Nintendo - a name synonymous with the video game industry. And with good reason, as they manage to make even the most downright odd gaming concepts work so well that the games instantly become legend - Mario, for example, revolutionised the platform genre (both in the 8-bit and the 64-bit eras) despite being a game about a fat plumber with porno-star facial hair. Similarly, Pokčmon managed to turn a simple, near plot-less, tamagotchi-inspired idea about raising monsters into the videogaming phen..."
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