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Lost Odyssey

Lost Odyssey (XSX) game cover art
Platform: Xbox 360
Tags: RPG, Turn-Based, Fantasy
Developer: Mistwalker


Lost Odyssey (Xbox 360) imageLost Odyssey (Xbox 360) imageLost Odyssey (Xbox 360) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Lost Odyssey review

Reviewed February 24, 2008

C J says: "Kaim's journey might be accompanied by a story that's wildly different from the crowd, but its gameplay isn't far removed from that of other JRPGs. Battles are randomly encountered, turn-based affairs, but more strategic than you might expect. Both you and your enemies have front row and back row formations where characters in the front shield the rear characters from damage."
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Lost Odyssey review

Reviewed November 18, 2011

Rob Hamilton says: "In over 1,000 years, he's seen people and kingdoms come and go and has had to find his own way to cope with being seemingly the only constant in a life where everything else is temporary. For much of his existence on this world, Kaim has alternated between traveling and serving as a mercenary his life a nomadic existence where war is the only constant. No wonder he comes off as cold and antisocial."
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Reader Reviews

Lost Odyssey review

Reviewed April 24, 2009

HAMMER-time says: "You know, if you don't put much thought into things, the concept of immortality is pretty damn sweet. Since you're living forever, you'll be a drifter (don't want to freak out the mortals with how you're not aging, do you?), which means you'll see as much of the world as you please. You'll get to experience all sorts of cultures, watch civilizations rise and fall and pretty much be a walking encyclopedia of knowledge throughout time. "
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Lost Odyssey review

Reviewed March 20, 2008

PAJ89 says: "The endless flow of time is a harsh master to us all. Its relentless nature makes every second of life precious because, ultimately, every second that goes by takes us closer to death. So imagine if you weren't constrained by this eternal force. Imagine if you were blessed with a life that never ends. Free you may be from the limits of mortality, but truly, is the gift of eternal life a blessing or a curse? Lost Odyssey tells the tale of such a man, the tale of Kaim Argonar and his quest to rega..."
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Lost Odyssey review

Reviewed February 22, 2009

RecentElectronics says: "Since the last game I reviewed was the religious equivalent to a Strawberry Shortcake that was prepared by Jesus himself, I figured this time I would go with a game that can be best described as shit covered shit with shit filling. Now before I start tearing in to the aforementioned fecal pastry, I'd like all of you to know that I typically like (read: worship) Japanese Role-Playing games and are usually impressed and utterly moved by the emotions that their story tends to offer. That being said..."
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