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Gears of War

Gears of War (XSX) game cover art
Platform: Xbox 360
Tags: Action, Shooter, Sci-Fi, Third-Person
Developer: Epic Games


Gears of War (Xbox 360) imageGears of War (Xbox 360) imageGears of War (Xbox 360) image

Staff Reviews

Gears of War review

Reviewed December 08, 2006

Gary Hartley says: "You'll be surprised how much you can do with so little buttons. Take control of Marcus Fenix, and marvel at how easy it is to throw him around the battlefield. Within minutes, you'll have him hurling himself behind cover, popping around the sides to take shots at any available targets and even reaching over his protective barrier to fire blindly at any foe foolish enough to charge him. You'll have him diving from one safe haven to the next, sniping around corners to bull-rush unprepared Locust and hurling spike-encrusted sling-shot-inspired grenades right down their scaly little throats."
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Reader Reviews

Gears of War review

Reviewed December 02, 2006

amlabella says: "If you take a look at the ol' recipe for success in the video game cookbook, you'll be sure to find excessive violence, chaotic action, and incredible graphics. Gears of War of manages to include all of these ingredients, from blood splatting across the screen to intense battle sequences against a horde of foes. And the graphics...well, they speak for themselves; anyone who doesn't think the game looks impressive needs to get their eyes checked. Along with these key elements, Epic Games throws i..."
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Gears of War review

Reviewed January 26, 2013

Chris_Strott says: "Gear of War from Epic Games is a third person shooter which revolutionizes cover based combat. The detailed graphics, interesting story, and incredible music combine with innovative combat to create a game everyone should try."
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Gears of War review

Reviewed November 17, 2006

ghostyghost says: "“Boomers!” Dom yells from across the courtyard. I press A and slam Marcus into cover. The massive Locust creature fires a rocket that thankfully flies over my head from behind the cover. While he reloads I stick my noggin out and unleash a flurry of Bullets into the beastly creature. No luck, he continues to stand and prepares another shot that slams into the hard concrete slab in front of me. I slide my face out unleash another full clip of ammo, and watch as vile Locust falls over on his back ..."
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Gears of War review

Reviewed June 03, 2007

johnny_cairo says: "Upon its explosive debut on Microsoft's next-gen console, Gears of War was almost universally lauded as a classic of its genre, the "killer app" for the 360. Its lineage is certainly impressive, with Epic having previously done the immortal FPS Unreal Tournament -- which still remains just as stunning and addictive almost a decade after its release -- before tackling the tactical shooter with Gears. Visually it's a masterpiece, an impossibly beautiful piece of technical wiza..."
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Gears of War review

Reviewed June 15, 2008

Muk1000 says: " Gears of War is simultaneously excellent and flawed. It’s far from perfect, and yet it feels so close. The game is filled with unrelenting excellence, and perhaps that’s why the very real problems seem to detract so little from the big picture. Maybe by the end of the review, you’ll see what I mean. "
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Gears of War review

Reviewed January 02, 2007

sayainprince says: "When an army of disgusting, repulsive, and blood-thirsty beasts decide to tunnel up through the surface of the earth and slaughter billions of people, it can really put a damper on an otherwise happy and sunny day. That's what happened fourteen years ago on Emergence Day; a day where every major city on the planet was simultaneously attacked by the Locust Horde. This is the chaotic world that Gears of War is set in; and though we'd all hate to actually live in such a world, it makes for one hell..."
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Gears of War review

Reviewed December 16, 2007

Suskie says: "In a post-Halo gaming world that lives, breathes and runs on futuristic shooters, you can tell Gears of War has entirely different plans the moment you take first control of main character Marcus Fenix and realize that, in addition to the rare third-person perspective, the game has no aiming reticle. "
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Gears of War review

Reviewed July 04, 2007

zbrictson says: "..."
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