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Dead Rising

Dead Rising (XSX) game cover art
Platform: Xbox 360
Tags: Action, Horror
Developer: Capcom
More Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One


Dead Rising (Xbox 360) imageDead Rising (Xbox 360) imageDead Rising (Xbox 360) image

Staff Reviews

Dead Rising review

Reviewed September 14, 2006

Freelance Writer says: "I had reservations about Dead Rising before I bought it -- before I reached Steven Chapmanís twisted (yet very clean) supermarket even. As compulsive as the mass-slaughter of hoards of zombies may be, this premise screamed ďone trick pony". Itís all very well squeezing a kazillion of these undead monsters on screen at once, but survival horror is about more than beheading zombies all day. "
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Reader Reviews

Dead Rising review

Reviewed September 19, 2006

dementedhut says: "It's been a long time coming, but Dead Rising finally gave everyone the opportunity we've been waiting for: being trapped in a mall with zombies."
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Dead Rising review

Reviewed July 08, 2010

Genj says: "Frank West is a photojournalist, but I think he played a bit of football in college. I say this because in Dead Rising Frank bludgeons, maims, shoots, and burns more zombies than any Redfield has. Sensing a juicy story, Frank heads to a small Colorado town recently closed off by the military. Upon arrival, he discovers the source of the quarantine: zombies, zombies, and more zombies. Fortunately Frank has taken a page from a George Romeroís script and found refuge at the local shopping ma..."
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Dead Rising review

Reviewed June 04, 2007

japanaman says: "A "Thrilling" Zombie Game! "
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Dead Rising review

Reviewed October 29, 2013

JoeTheDestroyer says: "A horror fan's playground"
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Dead Rising review

Reviewed August 25, 2006

scrarecrow says: " When I first heard of Dead Rising I couldnít wait to get my hands on it. Now that Iíve had a chance to spend some time with the game Iím only slightly disappointed. The game drops you into the shoes of Frank West, a photojournalist looking for his big scoop. He gets more than he bargains for when heís dropped off at the local mall where a zombie outbreak has occurred. From that point he has 72 hours (not actual game time) to get his story. "
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Dead Rising review

Reviewed April 01, 2007

slunks says: "A console could never call itself complete without some sort of blockbuster zombie affiliated game lying around in its library. Capcom, who has always been there for the horror genre, has released another zombie thriller to the market. However, in Resident Evilís case, the consumer always fed off its haunting, bloodcurdling mood and atmosphere for desire. In Dead Rising, there are little to no survival-horror traits. Instead, there is only survival, and mindless brain-bashing festivity to be had..."
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Dead Rising review

Reviewed June 05, 2007

Spoonful says: "If the living dead ever manage unionise, Capcom are in for some trouble. The software giant has made more than a few pennies from violence and general discrimination against walking corpses and clearly has no plans to buck the trend; Dead Rising features zombie genocide on a grand scale. While the Resident Evil series has concentrated on shocks and scares, the focus of Dead Rising is the oft overlooked positive side of the zombie apocalypse; the chance to beat the absolute crap out of the undead..."
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