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Gunstar Super Heroes

Gunstar Super Heroes (XSX) game cover art
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Tags: Shooter, Run 'n Gun
Developer: Treasure
AKA: Gunstar Future Heroes (EU)

Gunstar Super Heroes (Game Boy Advance) screenshotGunstar Super Heroes (Game Boy Advance) screenshotGunstar Super Heroes (Game Boy Advance) screenshot

Reader Reviews

Gunstar Super Heroes review

Reviewed July 18, 2006

hmd says: "Gunstar Heroes. At this point, simply mentioning the name brings gamers to their knees, much in the same way a former quadriplegic does when Pastor Benny Hinn slaps them in the face. Treasure crammed as much awesome as they could for the little Genesis game that tried. "
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Gunstar Super Heroes review

Reviewed March 22, 2006

phediuk says: "Over the years, Treasure has become one of the most renowned developers among hardcore gamers, thanks to its penchant for creating intense side-scrollers and shooters that always have projectiles flying everywhere and plentiful, huge multi-jointed bosses at every turn. It's ironic, then, that a company known for such fast-paced games started out as a group of disgruntled Konami employees responsible for the sluggish and stiff Super Castlevania IV. But that's for another review. "
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Gunstar Super Heroes review

Reviewed July 03, 2007

Suskie says: "If a good review requires an analogy, then I will say that comparing Gunstar Super Heroes to a bigger, better, more complete action game is like comparing the Bible to an actual novel. This is to say nothing of my religious beliefs or my opinion on the Bible as a piece of historic literature (my thoughts on this matter do not belong at a place like HonestGamers), but let's make this clear: Do you ever just read the Bible, chapter by chapter, like a normal book? Of course not. You r..."
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