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God of War

God of War (XSX) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation 2
Tags: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Third-Person
Developer: SCEA
More Platforms: PlayStation 4


God of War (PlayStation 2) screenshotGod of War (PlayStation 2) screenshotGod of War (PlayStation 2) screenshot

Staff Reviews

God of War review

Reviewed March 27, 2005

Zigfried says: "When you first meet Ares early in the game, it's pretty daunting. Hundreds of flaming arrows pierce Athen's midnight sky on their hopeless flight to the god's impenetrable skin. Ares' hand-hurled fireballs blast the city walls to bits, sending rubble tumbling recklessly down the Temple's steps. Frightened villagers scurry about in a panic . . . villagers that you can murder."
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Reader Reviews

God of War review

Reviewed May 20, 2005

careless_whisper says: "God of War is a game that channels the pitiless wrath of ancient Greek gods and warriors. The ads ominously proclaim that ďa new myth will be written in the blood of the old,Ē and Iíll be damned if the designers of this game havenít gone out and done just that. "
careless_whisper's avatar

God of War review

Reviewed May 29, 2006

disco says: "Do you have a job? If not, you will eventually. Assuming that youíre not going to mooch off your parents for the rest of your life, youíll have to face the harsh reality of the working world someday. Chances are, it wonít be pretty. Maybe youíll start things off as a lowly bagger at a grocery store. Or maybe youíll suffer countless hours in the hell known as babysitting. If you manage to finish your college education, your degree may help land you a job in a reasonably professional environmentÖW..."
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God of War review

Reviewed July 06, 2006

gladiator_x says: " There are two things that are good about this game. Sadly, they are the two things that are good about every ďgoodĒ game. Usually, these two things make up the bulk a review but I didnít write this review intending to tell you that this is a fun game and is looks good, blah, blah, woof, woof. In the grander scheme of video-game things, God of War is a big failure. It makes all the same mistakes concerning content that every other high-ranked game does. Itís offensive, itís hyper-masculine, it m..."
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God of War review

Reviewed December 19, 2019

overdrive says: "A man can only get skewered by spikes in the same damn room so many times..."
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God of War review

Reviewed September 13, 2005

sayainprince says: "Now if you watch TV, read magazines, or visit any game related site, you must have heard of God of War; A game that came out of no where, and gained prestige, like a snowball rolling down a hill. It was advertised to deliver an insanely violent, and overtly sexual experience, with deep and fluid gameplay. God of War, is a rare game that not only lives up to the hype it receives, but completely shatters all expectations for it by delivering one of the best experiences in gaming, in the last three..."
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God of War review

Reviewed April 05, 2006

True says: "I put off buying God of War for a year. Despite people raving about it and critics praising it, I chose to spend my hard earned money on games like Kingdom Hearts and Shining Tears. Which makes me wonder if Iím crazy. I almost passed this gem up for Donald Duck and cartoon graphics? "
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God of War review

Reviewed January 27, 2009

wolfqueen001 says: "Creating a blood geyser by shoving a blade down a Minotaurís throat not only looks awesome, it also gives you health. Likewise, ripping the head off a gorgon slightly replenishes mana. Savagely gouging the eye of a Cyclops gives experience, but most importantly, these deviations from normal combat end a fight much more quickly, possibly saving your life."
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God of War review

Reviewed August 10, 2009

zippdementia says: "So I was playing God of War the other day. Iíd reached this one room inside the labyrinthian Temple of Pandora where you have to use a lever to knock the the world out of the hands of a model of Atlas. The world will roll down a hallway, destroying a locked door at the other hand. Sounds simple, right? But Iíll be damned if I couldnít get that lever to pull. I moved all around it, I jammed the buttons on my controller, I checked gamefaqs and still the damn thing wouldnít cooperate. ..."
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