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Pokemon Snap

Pokemon Snap (XSX) game cover art
Platform: Nintendo 64
Tags: General, Other
Developer: HAL Laboratory


Reader Reviews

Pokemon Snap review

Reviewed January 15, 2004

asherdeus says: "Why does Nintendo do the things that they do? Seriously, sometimes it just really bothers me. When fans were calling for a 3D Pokemon RPG of epic scale like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Nintendo responded that they did have Pokemon games in the works for the Nintendo 64. Firstly, they had Pokemon Stadium, which took arguably the worst part of Pokemon, battling, made you do it over and over again, all for nothing, since you couldn't level up your Pokemon and transfer them b..."
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Pokemon Snap review

Reviewed February 16, 2008

bostonfuse51 says: "Pokemon Snap. These two words have caused children to shiver with fear. They have ruined the reputation of the Pokemon franchise and caused, I’m sure, numerous depression cases across the country. Pokemon Snap, released on June 30th, 1999 in the U.S. was a new concept was to test an original concept for Pokemon; photography. The game was designed to give kids (hence the game’s E rating) the experience of photographing pokemon. However, this “genius” scheme soon went immediately downhill. In ..."
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Pokemon Snap review

Reviewed September 12, 2007

drella says: "We -- yes, we! I need your help here -- have been given a task of dire importance by our scientific superior, one Professor Oak of Palette Town Laboratories. As he toils and sweats in his cramped research facility, poking at specimens and jotting observations in data tables, we’ve been asked to go out into the field and document the various species in their natural habitats, hopefully recording their unique behaviors on film and bringing them back for his approval. Initially equipped with just a..."
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Pokemon Snap review

Reviewed March 08, 2004

falsehead says: "Pokemon Snap is a curious, shallow, yet completely addictive and very unusual game. If you haven't heard of Pokemon then you are probably a member of the House of Lords, or dead. Or possibly both. Pokemon Snap takes the pocket monsters franchise off in an unusual direction. Into the genre of the Shoot 'em Up. "
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Pokemon Snap review

Reviewed April 25, 2004

kingbroccoli says: "My first foray into Pokemon Snap was intended as a stepping stone, a mere platform into the more fruitful pastime of photographing naked ladies. The Rasputin-like fellow who was to be my boss assured me as he handed over the sticky cartridge ''There's no better practice than snapping pictures of fuzzy, strange looking little things.'' My, how we laughed. I relished the feeling, for my mission was indeed a serious one, and there could be no laughter. "
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Pokemon Snap review

Reviewed January 28, 2012

nickyv917 says: "I watched the TV series, I got the games, I collected the cards, I played with the toys, I read the books, and I went to see the movies. (The first movie is still one of the only movies that ever made me cry, and DON'T PRETEND LIKE YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT.) And even though I missed out on Hey You, Pikachu (oh dear?), I was able to get the other non-RPG N64 Pokémon game, Pokémon Snap."
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Pokemon Snap review

Reviewed December 09, 2003

snowdragon says: "If I'm prey to anything, it's a good marketing ploy. And what a whizzbanger this one is! Pokémon Snap (Nintendo, 1999) follows the path of milking the pocket monster cash cow - or rodent, as it were - with little diversion from time-tested formulas. Aimed toward very small children who think that an N64 controller is a highfalutin teething ring, it's basically a photo safari on wheels, as you take the helm in a spherical steel vehicle that looks somewhat like a gold Pokéball with a headlight int..."
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Pokemon Snap review

Reviewed July 06, 2007

Suskie says: "It seems that for every great Pokemon RPG we get on handhelds, we get six thousand lame spin-offs on consoles. See, a few people have yet to realize this, but the earlier Pokemon games for Game Boy mark some of the greatest RPGs of all time – they are massive, extraordinarily deep, expansive, immersive, open for all sorts of play strategies, and, as we've seen, accessible to all ages. Pokemon Snap came around the beginning of the great Pokemon revolution – and just wh..."
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Pokemon Snap review

Reviewed November 26, 2004

yamishuryou says: "They lurk on moonless lunar cycles, being restricted by nothing but their mindless wanderings. Their hair has all fallen out, their skin has rotted with no trace but an odor that can knock a person out, their eyes smashed like jelly and decomposed by wriggling worms. One cannot help but writhe in the horrific sight of them; they are the zombies. "
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