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The Witcher

The Witcher (XSX) game cover art
Platform: PC
Tags: RPG, Horror
Developer: CD Projekt Red


The Witcher (PC) imageThe Witcher (PC) imageThe Witcher (PC) image

Staff Reviews

The Witcher review

Reviewed October 16, 2008

Lewis Denby says: "There's a lovely quality to The Witcher's atmosphere, stemming from a combination of lush art design and the gripping plot on offer. It suffers from occasional pacing issues -- chapter one in particular requires a horrific amount of to-ing and fro-ing before it gets to the point -- but it's delivered in a generally satisfying, urgent and compelling way, driving the player to press on with the journey through Temeria. It certainly feels a lot more focused than some of its next-gen peers, which will relieve those who found themselves wandering around Oblivion's vastness with little clue of what was unfolding around them."
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The Witcher review

Reviewed December 02, 2020

Joseph Shaffer says: "Witching and glitching"
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Reader Reviews

The Witcher review

Reviewed October 05, 2020

darketernal says: "Who witches the Witcher?"
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The Witcher review

Reviewed July 12, 2009

jsgx3 says: "Interesting, this game is nothing if not interesting. In so many ways the game is just enough different from all the rest of the RPGs to be considered quite good, in other ways interesting is quite odd indeed. "
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The Witcher review

Reviewed June 20, 2019

overdrive says: "Clumsy and glitchy at times, but still a quality first installment for the series."
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The Witcher review

Reviewed July 22, 2013

Suskie says: "This is still Tolkienesque fantasy to the bone. You can throw around made-up words like "vodyanoi" and "Scoia'tael" all you like, but it doesn't change the fact that the elves are slender woodland-dwellers and the dwarves are Scottish beer-drinkers and wow does this all feel familiar."
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