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Jet Force Gemini

Jet Force Gemini (XSX) game cover art
Platform: Nintendo 64
Tags: Shooter, Third-Person, Sci-Fi
Developer: Rare
AKA: Star Twins (JP)

Staff Reviews

Jet Force Gemini review

Review date unknown

Zack M says: "As a third-person shooter, the formula for JFG works perfectly. For instance, pressing the 'R' shoulder button will change the view to a semi-first-person view, with your character's body becoming transparent, and a crosshair appearing on-screen. You can move the crosshair with the analog stick, and/or move using the C buttons."
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Jet Force Gemini review

Reviewed August 03, 2008

Mike Suskie says: "Iím generally okay with fetch quests Ė hell, half of my N64 career was positively made of fetch quests Ė but Rare bumps it up a notch. They obscure some of the Tribals from regular view. The others are thrown out into the open, where theyíre more likely to get killed by stray gunfire. Whatís worse is that worlds are divided into districts, and youíve got to collect all of an areaís Tribals before you leave. If an area has ten Tribals and you save nine, you canít come back later and rescue the one that you missed. Youíve got to get them all in one fell swoop. Itís not simply tiring Ė itís exhausting."
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Reader Reviews

Jet Force Gemini review

Reviewed September 12, 2007

drella says: "Years ago, I forgave Jet Force Gemini. "
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Jet Force Gemini review

Review date unknown

mariner says: "The aggravating backtracking and such makes the gameís fun factor take a nose dive. But, if you don't mind not finishing the game, it's still an incredible experience while the fun lasts. It just so happens that the fun doesn't last throughout the entire game. "
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Jet Force Gemini review

Reviewed November 18, 2002

ratking says: "Some games get alot of fame in the press, but not in the sales, and Jet Force Gemini is the perfect game. It had quickly gained it's own cult fans, and was getting absurdly high reviews by professionals and minors alike. Did it deserve these high grades? Not one bit. There is nothing really memorable from Jet Force Gemini, not in gameplay, story, or graphical mode. Sure, it is mediocre in all those categories, but it follows the same formula that every Rare game takes. Exploring each and every a..."
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Jet Force Gemini review

Reviewed August 26, 2002

rxfang6 says: "Jet Force Gemini "
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