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Meteos (XSX) game cover art
Platform: DS
Tags: Puzzle
Developer: Q Entertainment


Meteos (DS) screenshotMeteos (DS) screenshotMeteos (DS) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Meteos review

Reviewed March 28, 2005

Michael Scott says: "Though the whys and wherefores behind such an oversight may be obvious, it should be noted that in pandering to the portable 5 minute ethos, Meteos' heady mix of brain twisting action has sadly been rendered stilted and neut. It's action best suited to the time between bus stops, anything more and you're schmit out of luck. "
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Reader Reviews

Meteos review

Reviewed January 30, 2006

cheekylee says: "Planet Meteo is a big bully! While other planets all live in peace and harmony, this evil planet has a chip on its shoulder. More than just a chip, actually. Meteo has bricks on its shoulders. Multi-coloured bricks, called meteos, that the planet sees fit to hurl into the galaxy. And not just randomly, either. No, these bricks are launched at other planets where they pile up until the planet is engulfed in a mountain of them. When this happens, the meteos go nova, and the planet is destroyed. "
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Meteos review

Reviewed December 16, 2006

draqq_zyxx says: "Combining three like objects somehow never loses its appeal, as long as there is a twist, and for Q? Entertainment, that twist was probably found by wanting to reach the stars. With rockets in hand, Meteos lights a fuse under a puzzle concept that has been worked to death and blasts it off into space. Instead of evaporating into the pixilated void after forming lines and assorted shapes, Meteos blocks turn into incendiary squares with fire jets flaring underneath, propelling any bl..."
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Meteos review

Reviewed March 28, 2006

mrchupon says: "If Lumines is portable gaming’s figure skating, then Meteos is snowboarding in an avalanche while trying to control a full bladder. "
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