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Diddy Kong Racing

Diddy Kong Racing (XSX) game cover art
Platform: Nintendo 64
Tags: Racing, Arcade
Developer: Rare


Staff Reviews

Diddy Kong Racing review

Review date unknown

Jason Venter says: "There are levels built with each of the three vehicles in mind, and they work marvelously. The hovercraft is my personal favorite. It's fun to whip across a pool of water as a shortcut while your opponents must drive around it. Also, the levels designed specifically with that ride in mind often allow you to go rushing down rivers, avoiding logs and in general having a good, wet time. Many of the levels feel quite different from one another in part because of such deviations from the norm."
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Diddy Kong Racing review

Reviewed July 08, 2010

Winston Wolf says: "Diddy Kong Racing smartly mimics SMKís well-founded principles while expanding in different directions. To call it just a go-cart racer gives too little credit. As if it were no big thing, DKR boldly introduces the physics of plane and hovercraft travel to the genre while replicating the slide-turn techniques that separated the wheat from the chaff in SNES carting, casually switching between all three vehicles throughout. Youíll be tearing around the rocky orange cliffs of prehistoric Fossil Canyon, skidding past waterfalls and between the stomping feet of a ponderous Brontosaurus, and in the very next race take to the skies, navigating around snow-capped firs and splitting icy gorges at the Snowfrost Peak circuit."
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Reader Reviews

Diddy Kong Racing review

Reviewed November 01, 2003

retro says: "While sitting quietly on his tree house porch one day, Diddy Kong decided to read a letter that he had received awhile back. The letter was from Timber the tiger, one of Diddy's old friends. The short, but meaningful letter read: ''Dear Diddy, help!!!'' It turned out that an almighty and oversized pig called Wizpig has done something not so pleasant. Therefore, it's up to Diddy and a bunch of his fellow animal friends to try and find this mysterious creature called Wizpig and give him what he de..."
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