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Mario Kart DS

Mario Kart DS (XSX) game cover art
Platform: DS
Tags: Racing, Arcade
Developer: Nintendo


Mario Kart DS (DS) imageMario Kart DS (DS) imageMario Kart DS (DS) image

Staff Reviews

Mario Kart DS review

Reviewed December 27, 2005

Jason Venter says: "With so many great tracks, itís hard to pick a favorite. If youíre missing some of the good times of old, a lot of those are back, too. You can race through re-imagined versions of the tracks from each of the past games in the series. Theyíre just as much fun as they were before. In fact, thatís true of the whole game."
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Reader Reviews

Mario Kart DS review

Reviewed April 03, 2006

asherdeus says: "Iíll spare you the traditional lectures at the beginning of reviews for Mario games. Iím not going to go on about how Nintendo just loves shoving the little red plumber into every genre ever created (coming soon: Mario Tournament 2007) and Iím certainly not going to question or even call attention to the fact that Nintendo loves to take the same game and release it over and over again for every system. Youíve heard it all before and youíre probably sicker of it than I am. So, I won..."
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Mario Kart DS review

Reviewed November 18, 2007

horror_spooky says: "When I was a little kid, one of my favorite games for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was the original Mario Kart game, simply titled Super Mario Kart. The game was an amazing achievement for the system, and is often hailed as not only one of the best racing games on the SNES, but one of the best racing games ever for a reason. The game tried new things, and introduced many elements that to this day are being copied by other franchises trying to convert into the racing genre. Mario Kart ..."
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Mario Kart DS review

Reviewed November 22, 2005

Linkamoto says: "The Mario Kart franchise has always been a stalwart in Nintendo's lineup of games. Featuring all of the iconic Nintendo characters in zany karts, a party-like spin is what makes Mario Kart great. While it still takes skill to be good, an assortment of powerups can be used to vault you from last to first in a matter of seconds. This all sounds familiar, (and it is) but what makes this game stand out is its astounding graphics, portability, and (FINALLY!!) online play. "
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Mario Kart DS review

Reviewed December 22, 2007

Stevewins123 says: "This game is a great addition to the whole Mario Kart series and I think that it's one of the best. I enjoyed this game a lot and I definitely got what I paid for. Not only is this game single player, but multi player too. Single card, multi card, and Wi-Fi are all available on this game so whether or not your friends have it, they'll still be able to appreciate the fun that this provides. However, on Wi-Fi, there isn't as much detail as there is with multi/single card download play. When people..."
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