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Feel the Magic: XY/XX

Feel the Magic: XY/XX (XSX) game cover art
Platform: DS
Tags: General, Other
Developer: Sonic Team
AKA: Project Rub (EU), Kimi no Tame Nara Shineru (JP)

Feel the Magic: XY/XX (DS) screenshotFeel the Magic: XY/XX (DS) screenshotFeel the Magic: XY/XX (DS) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Feel the Magic: XY/XX review

Reviewed November 21, 2004

Jason Venter says: "The thing is, you're just rubbing the screen with your stylus to push up said fish. Do well enough and you're onto the next area. A few mini-games later, you're back to rubbing the screen with your stylus. Presentation has changed, but your encouraged activity has not. Whether you're moving tacks to the side or pushing goldfish out of a man's throat or even digging through sand to find a purse's lost content, it does get old."
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Reader Reviews

Feel the Magic: XY/XX review

Reviewed September 04, 2006

goldenvortex says: "Stylish. Entertaining. Creative. "
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Feel the Magic: XY/XX review

Reviewed January 13, 2006

mslpanthers says: "You bought this game? Are you crazy? You absolutely are not! You just made the best move in your whole life. This game will be the game of the year. Now Feel the Magic is a really unique game, and it really takes use of the DSís abilities like the touch screen and microphone. This game was released late in the year of 2004, and was created by the Sonic Team, which is known for some great games. "
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Feel the Magic: XY/XX review

Reviewed August 11, 2006

strawhat says: "Sometimes, I feel that launch games are just there to test a machine's capabilities and how the public will react to it. I feel that these games are somewhat entertaining, but not "complete". There's a missing element in some of these launch games that makes them feel more like a test than a game that's meant to keep you entertained for a long time. This is how I felt about Feel the Magic. "
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Feel the Magic: XY/XX review

Reviewed November 27, 2004

yamishuryou says: "There are really only two effective words for describing Feel the Magic: XY/XX, also known as I Would Die For You; quirky and zany. A love story strung through a series of mini-games, Feel the Magic is easily considered as Segaís successful experiment with the Nintendo DS hardware. "
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